Developer: Ambiera

Current Version: 1.1.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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DiagramPainter is an editor for drawing professional looking flowchart diagrams, mind mappings, organization charts, and other diagrams. The diagrams are copied as image to the clipboard with one single click. It also exports diagrams as .png, .jpg, and .bmp image files, and even has an integrated fast .pdf exporter supporting shadows and transparencies.


Release Notes:

- Fixed several user interface problems on newer Mac OS X versions
- Line dragging is now much easier
- Pages now work 'infinitely' in all four direction and don't force you to top at the top and left border of the screen.
- Dragging items is now also possible by directly dragging an item
- There are now 5 new translations available: German, Frensh, Spanish and Russian
- Editable area of items without text is no easier to activate


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.4
Review by Sadrock

Worth every dollar - I took a chance and purchased this app. since the only other app costs 100 USD. It works well no crashes, the lines join most of the time in fact all the features work well except printing. Printing is without features. just print, you can't stretch, shrink or center your chart on the page, in fact you don't even know if you are within your selected page size until you select print preview. which means your moving things around over and over, until it prints the way you want. in fact you can't even adjust the border or margins. I hope the next update fixes the printing issue..

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.0.5
Review by Eyal Z.

Definetly NOT worth the money! - When you pay $24.99 for a diagraming program, you don't necesserily expect it to blow you away with features, or ease of use. You simply expect it to do the job. Only, in this case, it will make that job so much harder. I spent all of 5 minutes using it, and I can tell you.. I would be looking for a way to get my money back on this one.. My first impression was "It looks neat".. Then I selected a shape to drop onto the canvas, and I imediately became frustrated. 1. You can not drag and drop shapes from the tools menue to the canvas. You must select , then click on canvas .. (not totaly horrible, but annoying) 2. Once you've clicked on the canvas to form your shape, you can't simply keep clicking to make another. You must repeat step 1.. 3. The shape defaults to a graidient of two colors. Do you want a solid color? There's a small drop down where you change the color type between "Gradient" "Invisible" and "Color" - not intuitive at all.. My first instinct was to change the two gradients into the same color.. 4. The color selector has no "okay" or "apply" or any effect on the shape while sample the color wheel. The color is applied only when you close the color pallet. Don't like the color you chose? Repeat! And that's if you have a single solid color and not a gradient. 5. You copy and paste a shape, and it lands exactly above the shape below it.. you can't tell if it's made a copy or not.. 6. Want to move a shape? Select it, then grab the little floating box above it to move the shape.. 7. Want to change the text? If you try to select the text within a shape, you must have nerves of steal.. step a little bit outside the conturs of the text, and the selection tool attempts to select a shape and not the text within the shape. Or, if you're lucky, it will select a part of the text, then you can Shift+Arrow Key to highlight the rest of the text. Okay, maybe if you HAD to put together a flow chart because your life dependents on it, you don't mind spending 10 minutes for a task that should only take 3 seconds, and can't wait to burn up $25.. go ahead.. give it a try.. As for me.. I didn't even bother to check what other features it has or doesn't have.. maybe it's packed with amazing features that nobody ever thought of and could make the worlds most amazing flow chart.. I wouldn't know it.. because I couldn't get past the simple basics of designing a work flow diagram.

Found helpful by 40 out of 42 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1.0
Review by MacRetina19

very poorly made, looks blurry on retina - very poorly made. The interface is blurry. Hard to woks with shapes, very poor shape adding. probably was relevant 15 years ago, but not on new Macs with retina display.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people