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The application Developer Learning Center offers access to educational material for those who want to learn Objective-C and how to build high quality applications for sale through AppStore. Each tutorial contains video and step by step instructions in PDF file format. Also for every tutorial the full code is available (as in app purchase). In other words DevCenter is a complete collection of instructive materials, to construct a full application in Xcode. The skill level of the presented tutorials is "Intermediate - Advanced".

Initially Developer Learning Center application comes with a full reference on how to make the known and best selling application ThirdEYE.
ThirdEYE is one of our best apps in surveillance software, available in AppStore.
Inside the four chapters of this tutorial you will find instructions on how you can construct the ThirdEYE application from scratch. Detailed Videos and wide information pdfs will guide you step by step.
The tutorial includes all the code, as well as videos and images that cover the construction of the application's GUI.
InApp purchases currently unavailable... Email us to get the Xcode project.

*** Learn now Objective-C using the Num #1 learning center for developers. ***

Contents of this application bundle:
*The host application Developer Learning Center for tutorials.
*The complete tutorial "The Make of ThirdEYE":
-HD Videos (7 items).
-PDFs with images and instructions (4 Chapters).
-Code (About 50 useful and reusable code snippets).
-The Full ThirdEYE (Beta 1.0) XCode Project (in app purchase).

**For those who want to save time there is the full ThirdEye (Beta 1.0) XCode Project available as in app purchase.
**Code included in each tutorial can produce complete application.
**Code can distributed under MIT License.

Note: Negative or low score feedback can not solve problems. Communication is the best way to solve problems and make software better. Contact us: [email protected]