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Developer: Raymond Law

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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** OS X Maverick ready **

DevNotes is a project management tool built for solo developers and designers to increase productivity.

Other todo list apps look nice and fun to use, only if I have time to sit down to enter items one by one. But for developers, our minds run so fast with many thoughts. We need to write them down - a lot of text. We can't distract ourselves with remembering the shortcut to create a new item, clicking the mouse to enter more details, organizing the items with slow drag-n-drop. Our best friend is the keyboard.

So you've tried every other project management and todo list tools out there but still feel something is missing. They are optimized for the wrong things. They are great if you have items in the notebook or a text file ready to be entered into their systems. Some of them look nice on the display and are fun to use, but it is just that. You can give tasks priorities which is nice but you don't know how important or difficult it is to complete them before you actually dive into them. Many of them are web apps. If they go down, you can't work. Yeah, it is nice to be able to share things with the team. I get that. But for a lot of us who do solo side projects. That is not an advantage. It is a hindrance. I feel the same way because I've tried a lot of them through many years of consulting and working in client projects. I still haven't found the perfect tool. So I decided to write my own - in the way that I like to use it and feel most productive.

■■ Awesome Fonts

DevNotes displays items using the beautiful Font Awesome fonts. You can just type the following symbols plus a space (or tab). DevNotes transforms them into awesome fonts.

■■ Insert code snippets

Have some a work-in-progress method that you need to finish later? Or a few lines of code that you copy from StackOverflow. You want to save these snippets for later use but don't want to litter the codebase with comments everywhere? Just save them in your notes and reference them later.

​Better yet, DevNotes preserves the syntax highlighting you set from your code editor. Xcode, TextMate, Eclipse? No problem!

■■ Record warnings and errors

Run into warnings and errors while debugging?​ Difficult to reproduce them? Save them with DevNotes so you can search about them later. Debugging is often time consuming and may take longer than one day to track down a nasty bug. You don't want to waste time by reproducing an error and context switching. Just save the error and write down the context. Refer to it the next day and start tracing the cause in no time.

■■ Beautifully custom designed themes

There are four professional designed themes to choose from. You can show off your personal taste while pair programming.

■■ Smart Indent for line wrapping

When you write long notes, words and lines wrap. DevNotes's smart indent system figures out where your currently editing item starts and automatically indents the following text to line up beautifully.

■■ Full screen mode

Write down the ideas that you run through your mind in a distraction-free environment.

■■ Store documents in iCloud

Never need to worry about losing your notes by storing them in Apple's iCloud.​

■■ Browse previous versions

All your edits are versioned and restored using the familiar Time Machine interface.


Release Notes:

OS X Maverick ready


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Review by bradheintz

Certainly not worth $39.99 - I picked up this app because it seemed to enable a workflow that I used to track my work in plain text files. If you look at the screen shots, it looks like it might automate addition of tasks & indented subtasks, and checking off completed items, etc. Instead, I got a piece of software that’s basically a glorified text editor that puts in special characters for the checked and unchecked states of the checkboxes. Let’s be extra clear, since the screen shots are not: You can’t even check a box to indicate that a task is done. You have to highlight it and overwrite it with the “checked” box character. Saving to iCloud and hokey, skeumorphic themes certainly don’t justify a $39.99 price tag. Save your money and get a Sublime Text license instead.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people