Desktopr - make wallpaper from any website

Developer: Sandwichlab

Current Version: 1.84

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Use a website instead of wallpaper.

Extend your desktop background with any content you can even imagine. Using Desktopr you can set any website, social network, movie or other content as your desktop background.

Imagine your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or favorite blog or magazine as a background of your desktop. You can switch currently showed content from desktop level to front anytime from menu bar and start browsing immediately.

All websites are easy configurable and for all of them may be set specific duration from 1 second to unlimited. Amount of items is unlimited.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.5
Review by alcimedes

I now have my Real Time analytics data as my desktop background. - **misc fixes for mentioned bugs/lack of features** To get Desktopr to work on your secondary monitor, launch System Preferences > Displays. Select the "Arrangement" tab. One of your two windows will have a small white bar across the top. This is your primary monitor. Quit Desktopr. Move the white bar from your actual primary monitor to your secondary monitor. Relaunch Desktopr. Desktopr will now launch on your secondary monitor. Go back to your system preferences window, move the white bar back from your secondary monitor to your primary. Desktopr stays in place on the secondary. You'll likely have to do this once each day, takes about 20 seconds and fixes an otherwise annoying limitation. To get Desktopr to stay in place while hitting your "Show Desktop" command. In "Browse" mode in Desktopr, navigate to where you want your background. (in my case analytics, Real-time Beta) Uncheck the "Browse" mode in Desktopr's menu. Now when you hit "Show Desktop" all of your active windows should disappear, but Desktopr will still stay in place. This is *exactly* what I was looking for. I wanted to find a way to keep an eye on our website's analytics. So I figure for $2 what's the risk. I'm running the latest version of Mountain Lion. I installed the app., removed all of their default entries and added a login for analytics instead. I fired it up, told it to go to the next item and there's my login prompt. Switched to browse mode, logged in. (1Password didn't work as a contextual item, but I'll live). Sure enough, there's my Analytics data, including the live traffic sources etc. Beta parts. AWESOME! Only I hit f-11 and sure enough the background/Analytics window disappeared, which isn't what I wanted. I turned off "Browse" mode in Desktopr, tried again and Voila! It's all happy. Analytics is my desktop background now, including live updating charts, and it stays in place when I hit the "Show Desktop" command. WELL DONE SIR! This is by far the best App. I'll buy all year, just for this functionality. I can see what's going on with my site 24x7 with a single button.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.84
Review by HeyCakeA

Don’t buy if you have MacOS Sierra - I was modifiying which URLs I wanted to show on my desktop and suddenly, I couldn’t get Desktopr to activate again. I deactivated then reactivated. I tried quitting the app and then reopening it. I tried restarting my Mac. I tried deleting all of my URLs and putting basic websites in (Google, Facebook, etc). I tried turning on and off all of the settings. None of it worked. It remained inactive as if the app wasn’t even open in the menu bar. I consider myself a pretty technological savvy person, but I guess I’ll be using my generic default wallpaper as usual since there’s nothing that will make this program work again.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people