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★ One of the TOP TEN utility apps in over 5 countries. ★ The app opens your Documents and Downloads folder as shelves on the desktop with a nice cover flow effect. Quickly access your documents and downloads. Drop files onto the shelves

Droppy is an utility that will help you to drag and drop files or folders between spaces or fullscreen apps. It's very easy to use. Simply click on the app's icon in the status bar and Droppy will be ready to take your file, than you just drag the

File It Away is a simple utility software application that allows the user to drag a document that needs to be filed, pick the target folder and have it happen. No more arranging windows. Just drag to the Dock icon and select the destination. You can

— Launch SALE! 50% OFF for a limited time — Idle lets you choose actions to perform when you are inactive for a certain period of time. For example, you can set up Idle to pause iTunes when you are away. Supported actions: Open Fin

Media-Info is a tool which helps you to analyze the information of media files including video and audio files. With it you can get the details of a media file. For example you can get the stream information, video information, audio information and

A new way for OSX desktop to communicate with iPhone or iPad app. * Need to download IOS client app with the same name to optimize the app usage. * Whenever you copy text or image from any application on OSX Desktop, the text or image will be send an

*** LIMITED TIME SALE - 60% OFF *** Winmail Extractor can quickly view and save the important contents of "winmail" and "winmail.dat" files. Review by Noisy Robot - 5 Stars "This app successfully extracted a PDF from a .dat after other tools fail

PLEASE NOTE: Version 2.x only currently supports Mac OS 10.8 or higher. We are working to resolve this issue ASAP. Does your Desktop end up cluttered with icons, making your Desktop look untidy and difficult to find the files you really need? The De


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PD (Progressive Downloader) is a powerful and flexible download manager. Key features: * HTTP(S), FTP, FTPS and SFTP(SSH) protocols support. * Auto-resume downloads. Any interrupted download will be automatically resumed when your system wakes up or

• • • • The best app for extracting archives • • • • iExtract Pro is one of the fastest and most effective app to extract archives, and preview most of archives like Zip, Rar, Tar and 7z etc (over 25 popular

Commenteer is a drop utility for managing file comments in batch. Visit the website for more information and a demo. You can use the program for: • Erasing comments • Setting comments with a text field, or from the clipboard • Appe

EtreZip allows you to open ZIP files directly in the Finder. No need to decompress. After opening a ZIP file with EtreZip, you can access the ZIP file as if it were a network drive. EtreZip provides full read and write access to the ZIP file. Just op

PDFactory - your PDF toolbox. Using Drag & Drop you are able to re-order the pages, to insert and remove them and to drag pages from one document to another. Additionally you can split and (re-)merge PDF documents easily. The innovative Drop Box le

File Shelf Free is a file management tool, it can help you manage your files better. Key Features: ● You can add any files here, including the folder. ● You can create file category in order to manage them conveniently. ● You ca

FilePane is a lightweight, versatile multi-tool for quick file management. It works with almost any selectable and draggable content from any app on your system and suggests various quick actions, based on the data you give it. You can easily copy

FileWard DES is a handy tool designed to bring high strength data encryption to Macintosh users.  FileWard DES uses the cryptography libraries of OpenSSL to make the DES encryption cipher available in an easy to use drag and drop application.&nb

Have you ever been faced with the task of moving files (or folders) from several locations into just one folder? Have you ever had to duplicate files or folders to many different folders? Have you ever wanted to put a shortcut to a single file or fo

** Best tool to extract and convert PDF to editable text ** Why choose Aimersoft PDF to text? Aimersoft PDF to text is a must-have tool for both home users and business owners. It allows you to extract and convert PDF to Text. Then you can edit, reu

WinmailFileReader is a small yet quick letter opener to open and view winmail.dat files on Mac, it also enables you to preview every single attachment files in external applications or extract the files contained in winmail.dat attachment. The winm

QuickNFO is a simple viewer application for .nfo files. In contrast to other nfo viewers, QuickNFO does not require font files or anything else to be installed. The nfo text can be exported as HTML or unicode TXT, so it can be viewed on machines tha