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Current Version: 2.6.12

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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DesktopLyrics is an application that displays the lyrics of the song currently playing in "iTunes" right on your desktop. DesktopLyrics features numerous options to customize lyrics display to your liking. Please note that have to enter or obtain lyrics to be able to use DesktopLyrics (see section 'Limitations' below).

DesktopLyrics does not only display the lyrics but can also display the information about the current song (e.g. title) in a customizable manner. Additionally, you can opt to display the artwork of the song too.
DesktopLyrics allows you to define the font, size, color and shadows for the lyrics and for the song-information separately, so that the lyrics exactly match your taste and desktop picture.

Long lyrics that can't be displayed at once are automatically cut into multiple "pages". You can turn the pages with small buttons embedded into the lyrics display, turn them with hot-key combinations or just have them turned automatically. There is an advanced option for defining the time-code of the page turning.

You can also display the lyrics of the music playing on your Mac on several other Macs, iPhones and iPads (via an additional in-app purchase).

DesktopLyrics features options to share the current lyrics with your friends by e-mail or by posting them to FaceBook or Twitter. You can also copy them to the clipboard or printing the lyrics.

In addition to the exhaustive settings to customize the lyrics appearance, DesktopLyrics also features a host of options to change its behavior to be as practical as possible. You can display DesktopLyrics in the menubar instead of the Dock, use hot-key combinations to operate it, or change the behavior in case iTunes is paused or the lyrics are empty. Additionally you easily search the internet for missing lyrics, use "Python" scripts to post-process the lyrics to your liking (e.g. to clean or translate them), toggle the lyrics visibility on-the-fly or use the convenient 'presentation-mode' which hides other apps to focus on the lyrics.

The lyrics for the song have to be set in iTunes, DesktopLyrics does nothing to fetch lyrics if they aren't available in iTunes. Consult the documentation for help with obtaining lyrics. Note that DesktopLyrics only works with locally stored music and not with streaming like 'Apple Music' or 'iTunes Match'.

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Release Notes:

• IMPORTANT: The minimum system requirements have been raised to macOS 10.10
• Fixed possible problem with in-app purchases
• Added complete German localization
• Translated main menu into 34 languages


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.6.1
Review by Julian Krainin

Transforms your iTunes experience! Seeing the lyrics adds a whole new joy & dimension to songs! - Being able to read the lyrics as the song plays adds a whole new dimension to your musical experience! You can understand lyrics that you could never hear clearly before or even hear at all. The developer has proven himself to be very responsive to suggestions and requests for help. He continually adds valuable functions and enhancements to an already wonderful and very modestly priced application. What it does so simply and effectively is of such value that you'd think that iTunes would have long ago made this applcation an integral part of its software. Songs have a new found joy, directness and vitality when their words leap out at you on your screen, and when you have numerous controls to tweak the way they appear. But you also have a lot of control over how you present the album covers on your screen. In fact DesktopLyrics brings back the focus on album covers and artwork, that was sadly lost when Apple somewhat shockingly retired their much loved "cover flow” feature to display album artwork. Overall, DesktopLyrics is so valuable, so much fun and such a great enhancement, that you’ll be sorry you didn’t discovery it long ago!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 2.6.11
Review by Ngeorge654390643

The top 10 songs on hte pop charts right now don’t have lyrics????? - I’m calling B.S. May as well have just burnt a five dollar bill. Would have been more entertaining.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people