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DesktopActivity is one kind of monitoring software.
It presents much information of system for you with vivid animation, which is concise and artistic fusing together with your desktop background.
At the present, it can do the following things for you:
1)It traces your location’s weather and temperature automatically.
2)It presents every CPU’s service condition and the occupied proportion of user and system
3)It shows RAM’s service condition and the occupied proportion of different state of RAM.
4)It presents activities of hard disks and the current state of input and output of hard disk.
5)It tells the service condition of different hard disk partition.
6)It shows the current speed of upload and download.
7)Battery's health,capacity,cycles and so on.
8)It presents date and time.
DesktopActivity can be used in English, Chinese and Japanese and more languages and functions will be presented in the future to be expected.


Release Notes:

Fix errors display about process's info


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Version 1.2.0
Review by MantraNate

It just work flawlessly on your desktop - It's very neat and friendly use. Pretty awesome!!!

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Version 1.5.0

Good but needs some attention... - Better Multi-monitor support would go a long way. For those of you with multiple monitors who would like to move the DesktopActivity display panel around a bit, you may be disappointed in the work arounds I’ve had to implement. I’m Using a 13 inch MBP & a 23 inch Cinema Display. I wanted the information displayed on the MBP screen in the lower left. To accomplish this I had to ensure that the MBP Display was set to the built-in display (Option-drag the white menu bar within the “Arrangement” section of the Display Preference Panel), then turn on “Mirror Displays.” Once this was done, the orange strip that represents the DesktopActivity display panel became available in it’s preference settings. You should now be able to move the display anywhere you like. Once done, turn off video mirroring. Be sure not to try moving the DesktopActivity display panel once you turn off Video Mirroring. It will go wonky and in some cases become lost. Another peeve is that to get temperature & fan speed info, you must download a plug-in from the developer’s personal OneDrive account. I didn’t do this as it made me nervous to install something from a complete stranger without the benefit of it being vetted by Apple. The final downside (besides the previous hoops one must navigate for multi-monitor support) you must be willing to keep your built-in display set as the primary display. This works fine for me but may not for others. I’m good with this for now, but am looking into a product I used to use a bazillion years ago… iStat Menus by bjango. Unfortunately they’re not here on the App Store. Until then, this gets the job done with a few tweaks and the ability to overlook some flexibility and usage flaws. Considering the above flaws and such, I would recommend that the developer drop the price down to $1.99 or even $0.99 until everything works properly. $2.99 for buggy software is, well, a bit of a disappointment. Buy this only if you are willing to look past a few shortcomings or if the above issues are “non-issues” for you! Cheers! —RASTER

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