Apps Similar to Desktop Blurrifier

DashLights allows you to monitor your disk and CPU activity from a non obtrusive menu bar icon. The CPU indicator can be configure to only light when the threshold limit is reached. You can also choose from two sizes for your indicator lights as w

Ever wanted to create icons to your iOS app without going through the pain of manually resizing a big image? Ever wanted to create a new icon to your Mac app, but didn't want to go through the hassle of converting it manually? This is the app for yo

FGDesktopLoupe is a desktop dimmer that will allow you to use a spotlight beam that follows your mouse pointer to focus on a part of the screen. FGDesktopLoupe will allow you to easily set the size of the spotlight and the color of the dimmer backgr

Extremely intelligent Video Player ..... that shows off flexibility and functionality. Desktop Movies was designed to be the best way to watch many types of videos and movies. Simplicity and functionality are the key ingredients that make Desktop Mo

It's a fast and easy utility to create Disk Image with encryption. You can use the image disk create to store reserved information.Mount of the image disk require the password used when you create the DMG. It's is a SPARSE DMG, the max size is set to

only 0.99$ Now, a simple and fast image convert software birthed. It' easy to use, only drag and drop images to it. 1.It can custom your folder with you like image. 2.You will feel easy to make icns and IOS(iPhone, iPad) icons file by ImageConvert.

Model2Icon converts 3D models into Windows and Mac OS X icons. You can find many models on the Internet and convert them to icons for use on your desktop, in applications and much more. With model2icon you can convert 3D model to Windows and Mac OS X

============================================ Check out our amazing browser Roccat: ============================================ iRuneText is the solution to distraction-free writing! After iRuneText's source code was lost in

** No more chaos on your desktop. Keep related files on in groups. ** Lifehacker verdict: “If you've got a messy desk, this app can help you regain control.” The app lets you create groups of related files on your desktop. You can freel

File Shelf Star is a file management tool, it can help you manage your files better. Key Features: ● You can add any files here, including the folder. ● You can create file category in order to manage them conveniently. ● You can

DMG Canvas builds disk images from template documents that you create. Simply design your disk image's appearance using the graphical editor and click Build. Each time you release a new version of your disk image, simply click Build again and DMG Can

Desk Clock is a customizable time keeping delight, allowing users to set up their preferred way of viewing time. Simple to set up and use. Move the clock around to where you want it. Pick the style and size you like the most. Desk Clock is a great wa

Digital Clock Pro is the best widget on your Desktop. It is a widget you will start using daily. Quickly check the weather. Use the fullscreen option to turn your Mac into a big digital clock(with weather info). Set up quick reminders when you

Backdrop is a simple utility to fill your screen with a giant blank window. Fill the window with a solid color or a custom image, your choice. ALSO, includes a Fullscreen Color Cycle mode to see various colors filling your displays. Backdrop receiv

Miana is a utility for setting the creation and/or modification date and/or time of a folder and all of its contents to a specified date and time. Visit the website for more information and a demo. Various options: • Only set the time

resize thousands amount of photos at same times with a little step. ==== feature ==== Multiple format support,bmp,jpg,png… Multiple output format. Support output quality for JPEG,PNG. Three resize model, Custom scale model.

Mouse Battery Level Indicator utility is designed for displaying battery level of your Apple Magic Mouse. After starting the utility, your mouse battery level icon appears in the right side section of the main menu. The following options are provided

Stamp your desktop with essential system information! System Stamp will apply information such as host name, operating system version, memory, and processor configuration onto your desktop wallpaper. Freely choose the information items that you wa

Daydreamer can display the many webcam pictures to which URLs point and update them as often as you like. Daydreamer can even handle several pictures at once. What’s more, you can have Daydreamer make time lapse movies of the URL picture, addin

TabMeister is a great little desktop utility that helps you quickly get to applications, files, and folders without having to always search for them on your hard drive. The Dock in Mac OS X is a great place to put a few of your basic things that you