DesignBoard Pro

Developer: Orawee Wiriyathananon

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 4.8 MB - Download


DesignBoard Pro is a powerful yet easy to use tool for making composite images with full text support. The compositing view of the application allows for easy importing of images and creation of text with full layer management. The editing view of the application gives crop, trim and erasing tools similar to leading, full-suite image editors but without the complexity. Projects can be saved for later editing in the application's *.board format and finished images can be exported in standard image formats (png, jpg, etc).

DesignBoard Pro, in addition to exporting in popular image formats, also exports DesignBoard files as pdf and eps, allowing them to be edited in standard illustration software as well as enabling them to be printed.

DesignBoard Pro is powerful and easy to use and has full Retina support and the ability to change the background color of boards and image correction features (brightness, saturation, contrast).

DesignBoard Pro comes with 20+ background patterns to make your image composites even more creative and unique. You can choose from among the over 20 provided background patters or add your own background pattern image. You can also use any color you like as a background.

Full features include:

- Full Retina support
- Crop/Trim images with a variety of selection tools
- Erase backgrounds with flexible eraser tools
- Full control over final image size, including support for very large images
- Full layer support and layer arranging
- Adjust font, size and color easily
- Save projects in *.board format for later use
- Export to standard image file formats (jpg, png, etc)
- Export to editable pdf and eps formats
- Use one of 20+ included background patterns
- Use custom tile-able background images
- Chose any solid color as a background
- Image correction (brightness, saturation, contrast)

Usage tips:

- Use size menu to set desired final size
- Use buttons on lower right corner to add new images and text
- Double-click image to open the image editor


Release Notes:

- Fixed issue that affected the placement of objects on the canvas