Delicious Library 3

Developer: Delicious Monster Software, LLC

Current Version: 3.7.1

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 90.6 MB - Download


Catalog your books, movies, music, video games, gadgets, and more. Delicious Library helps you create a comprehensive inventory, share it with friends, and get holistic recommendations based on your collector profile.

Scanning is easy: simply hold barcodes up to your webcam, and items appears on your digital shelves in gorgeous 3D. Rate your items, loan them out, or just revel in the in-depth information automatically downloaded for each one.

Know what you own and discover more things you love: Delicious Library integrates your wishlist, ratings, and friends to generate smart recommendations. If your friend owns a recommended item, Delicious Library highlights it so you can hit them up for a loan.

Archive your life: view your physical collection side by side with your iTunes collection. Publish your collection to the web with one click, put used items up for sale in three clicks, and find out if anything you own happens to be worth serious bucks.

“You've never had so much fun with's just so cool! And it just might buy you some time for more important things.” —David Pogue

“The best of the home inventory managers I tested.” —Farhad Manjoo, New York Times


Release Notes:

This update — unfortunately — removes the now-inoperative interface for Amazon domains except the United States and Canada. On October 25, Amazon UK, France, Spain, and Italy joined Japan and Germany in closing Delicious Monster's Associate accounts. Therefore searching, lookups (retrieving detailed product information), and selling items in those stores is no longer possible. We’re extremely sorry we can no longer offer this service.

We’ve also fixed a longstanding bug where in some places (eg, lists) item covers would initially draw empty, then draw their contents, then draw empty again, and then finally draw their contents for good, a new bug from High Sierra where item covers in the right sidebar would do a strange little dance of getting wider and skinnier and moving out of sync when the right sidebar was resized by the user, and a new bug from HIgh Sierra where reszing sidebars was unnecessarily laggy and slow.

Finally, we have restored localizations that were lost in 3.7 due to unexpected changes in macOS High Sierra.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.3.5
Review by luvsevrything

Great library app - I have tons of books, movies, & music. I have moved three times in the last 5 years. This app is the only way I have any idea what I own or where it is. It’s also pretty and fun to organize but if you’re one of those anti-skeumorphic people, you’ll probably hate the wooden bookshelves. It is easy to add titles to the collection, although I’m really glad they added the iPhone app because I don’t need to haul my titles to the computer anymore. I’ve found pairing my iPhone relatively easy but I have had trouble re-connecting after I’ve disconnected. I end up deleting the pairing and starting over. There are some issues with this app, largely due to the fact that it’s supported by a three-person shop. The help and instruction documentation is rudimentary to say the least so a lot of useful features can be undiscovered. I don’t particularly want my entire library on my phone but I would really like a searchable title/author list so I can avoid re-buying the same title.

Found helpful by 16 out of 16 people
Version 3.1.2
Review by Michigan Bob

disappointing, version 3 is a step backwards - I used version 2 quite a bit and looked forward to the next version. Unfirtunately, it is a step backwards in terms of the functionality that I use. I find none of the new "features" to be useful and soemthign sdon't work as well. Scanning of bar codes is less robust. Sorting is unnatural and difficult to customize. And I haven't found a way to manually add an entry by typing in the ISBN number if the scan fails. The iPhone app is useless for me. All it does is turn the iPhen into a wirelss camera. WHy not allow capture ont he phen even when disconneted and then uplaod to my Mac at a later time? And why isn't there a mechainsm to synchronize a copy of my library between my Mac and iPhone?. maybe with the library database synced through a service like Drop Box. I am not interested in the the retail or current price, or in ordering items through this app. I just want to track an inventory in a portable fashion. I'm giving up on this app and going back to using simple text lists

Found helpful by 49 out of 59 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.7.1
Review by DamielCassiel

You can use this program to transfer a list to your iPhone or iPad - This is a terrific cataloging program, with a pioneering interface. I like to keep a list of my music and books to iPhone or iPad. Use the “Export to …” menu in Delicious Library. Select “Another application ..” which allows export to a CSV file compatible with Numbers. Select the fields you want in your list (e.g. Creator, Title, Publisher). This spreadsheet can be transferred to your portable device via iCloud or Files app. It’s easy to search it from the Numbers app when you are shopping. (The spreadsheet doesn’t automatically re-sync with Delicious Library, but if you export and replace your list every now and then, for example before a shopping trip, it works well).

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.7.1
Review by Makosuke

Great Collection Manager - I’ve been using Delicious Monster since pretty much when it was first released, who knows how many years ago. I have about 1700 items in it, and it does a great job at what you want it to do: Keep track of your stuff. Things to particularly like: - Wireless iOS app barcode scanning! This is the absolute killer feature. I can fire up the app, get out my phone, walk to wherever in the house my stuff is and scan barcodes, and the app will either add items or tell me if I’ve already added that. It just works, it’s fun, and it’s a spectacular effort-saver. - Regular Barcode scanning. If you don’t have an iOS device, you can still use your Mac’s camera. - The box-art-based pseudo-3D visual browser interface is a great way to look at a DVD/BD collection without going to the shelf. Makes it quick and fun to find what I’m looking for, and keep track of who has what. - You can sort every which way to Sunday. Want your collection sorted by media format, then series title, then number in series? It can do that. Sorted by director then format? It can do that. Sorted by how much you paid for things? Bingo. - Smart lists are spectacular. Want a list of all your DVDs that you’ve never watched? Boom. A list of every BD released after 2015 that you paid more than $30 for? Bingo. Want to manually remove or add a couple of items from a smart list? Super easy. (I particularly love that last one, since it makes it easy to filter out a few items that get caught by a smart filter but I don’t want in that bin.) Things that aren’t great: - The barcode scanner is a bit finnicky. In particular, I’ve noticed that it actually works better in moderately poor lighting conditions—if I have perfectly lit barcode, sometimes it just won’t scan; if I add a shadow and reduce the contrast, it scans the code quickly. This seems really weird to me. - UI glitches. Over the years the app seems to be quite prone to UI bugs when a new version of the MacOS is released. This can befall any app, but Delicious Library feels much more “fragile” than most. Overall, great app, highly recommended as a stuff-manager. And it’s not just for DVDs, BDs, and books! Works great with anything with barcodes (or not, but the barcodes make getting info easier)—I use it to track tech gadgets for warranty purposes.

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Version 3.7.1
Review by eliax

2 things missing, one small, one huge - I’ve been a customer since version 2 of this App and just upgraded to version 3, and have 2 suggestions to make this app great: 1. This App *needs* a mobile version counterpart, which syncronizes via iCloud. Often times I’m at a physical store or browsing online away from my Mac and I cannot remeber if I already have a certain book or movie in my collection, and in those cases it’d be extremelly useful to be able to browse my library on my iPhone. I’d be wiling to pay an extra US$5 for this App. 2. For some reason on version 3 I no longer get apanel on the right with the details of the book or movie selected, and instead I have to either double-click each item at a time or select the product and then press the Space Bar. This is very counter-productive. A much more useful and faster way is to simply select an item and have its contents/details show up on a right pane, that way we can eaily use the cursor keys (or a simple mouse click) to navigate all the items while quickly seeing its details. If those two things are fixed I’d gladly assign 5 stars to this app. As it is, I think they’re just opening up a space for a competitor to come in and provide those basic futures and steal customers like me away. Finally, I do not want to end this review without saying that besides those issues above the app is very fine, and its barcode scanning to get product details from the internet is pretty amazing and its best feature by far (and the main reason I bought version 2 in the first place). I also want to say that version 2 was working pefectly fine for me until the company removed the barcode scanning and any sort of recognizing books/movies/etc from the Internet, to force us to upgrade to version 3, which I think was a really bad way to treat customers. The right thing to do would have been to release version 3 with a companion mobile App which is a very useful feature to have and which would have enticed people like to up happily upgrade.

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Version 3.7.1
Review by ELBeavers

Beautiful Library Display - Delicious Library provides a beautiful view of your library. Paired with the scanner app for iOS Delicious Library is a breeze to populate your bookshelves. Publishing to the web is also terrific.

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Version 3.7.1
Review by Jonathan280

My new inventories - I started using the app, but still need to research further if I can sort by title instead of authors. When I tried to drag and drop, my app freezes and shut down. I do this when trying to move from one library to another with different categories. For now, it’s good but I want to do more with the app. Hopefully, there is an update and not a new app since I just paid for it.

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