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Current Version: 1.8.1

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Deckset is a new, simple way to create presentations. Open your favourite text editor, write down your thoughts and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations. Focus on your ideas, not on designing slides.

Deckset comes with 19 amazing-looking themes that are designed to work for any audience, whether it’s a business meeting or a tech conference.

- 19 themes for every occasion, ranging from playful to serious
- Automatic layout and advanced typographic features
- Present code samples with syntax highlighting and “scale to fit”
- Easily include images and videos
- Stunning image filters
- Speaker notes and rehearsal mode
- Everything’s Markdown—edit your presentation using your favorite text editor
- Floating preview window
- Easily change aspect ratio to suit any projector
- Export to PDF, JPG & PNG
- Formula support
- Table support

Deckset is not meant to be a replacement for feature-heavy apps like Keynote or PowerPoint. It is a simpler, faster way to create presentations. You don’t design slides, you concentrate on the content – Deckset will make it look great. All you need is your favorite text editor and your ideas.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit for support and feedback.


Release Notes:

+ NEW: Tutorials are now accessible from the Help menu (expect more in the future!)
+ FIXED: Found and fixed a bug with the Sketchnote theme.

If you like the updates, please leave us a rating on the Mac App Store. It helps a lot!
We’re always listening to your feedback on Twitter @decksetapp and email: [email protected]


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.1
Review by vasilescu

Great Markdown Powerpoint/Keynote-like presentation program - This Mac app is great as it provides an easy way to create presentation slides using simple Markdown language. Markdown (created years ago by Apple blogger/journalist John Gruber) has fast become an easy way to create documents and webposts using plain text with simple easy-to-see text formatting. This Deskset app takes it to a new place by allowing you to create cool slides (even with embedded photo and videos) that are easily formated in different themes that come with the app. I can’t wait to see where this developer will take this program in future upgrades. It would be cool if you can export it to Keynote or Powerpoint or even to Webpage HTML5. Right now someone else with the App can see your presentation and you can export it to PDF. Of course it has a great presentation mode so you can use it with second screens at conferences or the courtroom. Well done!!

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.1.0
Review by stangogh

Inflexible Design - Yes it’s great you can write in Markdown, but the themes are incredibly inflexible. It’s impossible to fit more than a few lines of text on one slide. Want to have a final slide with recommended links? It won’t fit. Not for serious presentations. And also this doesn’t support all the features of markdown, nor is there any form of documentation on the markdown you can use. Want to put a link in your presentation using standard markdown syntax? Not possible, and the only way to discover this is to waste $20.

Found helpful by 6 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.8.1
Review by cheeseslope

Great™ - I’m a teacher, and I’ve been building presentations for class using InDesign (which works, but has always felt like way too much app for this job). Deckset is an ideal compromise: just enough functionality to present text and images clearly and consistently, but with very little interface in the way. I'm also, conveniently, already a mega fan of Markdown. Sure, I wish the templates were more configurable (and I’m hoping that's on the way). For instance: I'd adjust line height, spacing around paragraphs, the size of list numbers, spacing after bullets, alignment of headers, and I'd add space between images on the same slide if I could. But even without these options, Deckset has already transformed a process that was tediously mired in interface into something that now feels gleefully focused on the point (the ideas on the slides), and I'm sold.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.8.1
Review by Basementjack

Ok, could be better if you could edit the themes - Updated review (May 2017): Still a great "programmers presenter tool" - they've made some nice updates recently - Tables are now supported, and they've added 4 new themes. Also worth noting, while the themes are still fixed, and can't be edited, most themes offer multiple color schemes. Still a great app, but still has a ways to go. I originally rated at 5 stars and that remains today - It's still a neat app. Original review (September 2016): Deckset was a great idea, but most of the people I know that used it have stopped for one reason: The themes are all fixed and you can't edit them. Deckset uses markdown which makes it perfect for programmers, web designers, etc... However that same group of people are also very capable of updating the underlying CSS that make the themes. It's a bit unfortunate, as this app seems to have been started with the intention of doing a proof of concept that never matured into a full proper app of this kind. A step forward would be to allow the user to customize each theme, and or import and export themes. Two steps forward would be to have a theme library users could upload/download themes to. if something like this existed, there'd no doubt be 100's of themes available by now. Overall, it's a great app, and it works as it advertises, just be aware that your slideshows will look exactly like everyone else.

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Version 1.8.1
Review by Drew Stephens

Great if you like Markdown - This is a wonderful way to make slides if you know Markdown. I much prefer typing to clicking around and this allows me to do just that. I can use the editor I like and Deckset will show a preview of the slide I just edited whenever my editor saves. Great support for code snippets.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people