Current Version: 1.9.2

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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Daylight shows a big, bright, and beautiful map of the illuminated Earth, and the sunlight terminator.

- Show where sunlight falls at any time, any place on Earth.
- Get sunrise, sunset and twilight times for any time any place on Earth.
- Drag the terminator shadow across the Earth.
- See daylight move across the surface of the Earth in real time.
- See information about any place on the map that you tap
- Look up cities across the world, along with the local time, and times of dawn, dusk and twilight.
- See twilight drawn on the map
- Fullscreen Mode
- Render a constantly updated map of the world, along with day, night and clouds, to your desktop
- Centre the map at any longitude

"The Screen is breathtakingly Beautiful in full screen mode. It looks like a beautiful Painting" - Bill Holz on the US AppStore.

"This software does exactly what it says: sunrise and sunset, times of civil twilight, nautical and astronomical, with a classic graphic representation! What more could you want?" - Review by Marc Revol on the French AppStore.

"This thing looks really nice. In addition I can attest that it's very accurate..." - Review by Will on the UK AppStore.


Release Notes:

Fixed issue where displaying the map on the desktop progressively filled up your hard drive.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.8
Review by dragonBTV

Good progress! 5 stars now. - Andrew, besides of full screen, I really hope you can add an option to make it work on "desktop picture mode". Please drop me a mail if you need help as we did a lot on desktop picture mode related. Meanwhile, if you can add "local time display" to the city popup, that will make your app the best of this kind. BTW, as an developer myself, I did not do app reviews and you are the only exception. Updated 05/22/12 Good progress! 5 stars now. Our "wallpaperGUARD" monitored the change of desktop pictures in real time. You may use a layer staying there right in front of wallpaper just like our "desktopCinema" does. BTW, may we add an option of hiding the dock icon? it's really a full size dock icon there.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.6
Review by Peatree2

World Clock Support - Totally agree with the previous two reviewers… we need World Clock Support! If I enter a city, it doesn't even tell me the current time in that city! And the Command + Right Arrow command to move time one minute forwards (also backwards) doesn't work. That command just shifts to your next desktop. Please fix! We paid $10+ for this app and want better service!

Found helpful by 1 out of 4 people