Daydream Doodler Pro

Developer: Norbyte

Current Version: 3.13.1

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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This app lets you create art with a distinct cartoon style, thanks to its unique drawing tools that include a Doodle Pen, a Gradient Doodle Pen, and a Puff Pen.
You will also find an ordinary pen and eraser as well as Lighten and Darken, which you can use to add more life to your drawings.

We have put years of research and hard work into making our own drawing engine from scratch, and we continuously work to improve it.
The engine uses 128-bit color and it always utilizes floating-point arithmetic for increased accuracy and a high dynamic color range.

Pinch (trackpad) or use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/out.
To pan, drag with two fingers (trackpad) or use arrow keys.
Double tap with two fingers (trackpad) or press Space to reset the zoom/pan.
In addition, you can press the Tab key to hide the toolbar or Shift-Tab to move it to the other side.

You can opt to have different functionality for normal drawing and 2nd/Ctrl-Click drawing.
Go to 'Settings' -> '2nd/Ctrl-Click', and choose from the list of modes.
The most advanced mode lets the 2nd/Ctrl-Click have a separate tool/size/color/etc when you select with a 2nd/Ctrl-Click instead of a normal click.
The simpler modes permanently assign a tool such as Eraser to the 2nd/Ctrl-Click, which can be really useful!

The app supports layers.
To open the Layer Control, use the button that has what looks like a stack of papers and a small symbol (e.g. a mountain) on it.
In the Layer Control, use the + button to add layers and the - button to delete.
You can temporarily toggle a layer on/off using the checkbox to the left.
To rename a layer, click on its name.
Click on the thumbnail to bring up a menu of layer options that includes an opacity slider.
To move a layer within the stack, drag it up/down.
You can also change the color of the paper, beneath the layer(s).

Click once on a color to select it. Click a second time to bring up a menu where you can change or adjust the color in a number of ways (this menu also features an Eyedropper tool).
Adjacent to the colors you will find buttons to switch between the different color sets.
Press a second time if you want to replace the color set with one of the default ones.

In addition to creating normal drawings, you can also use this app to make repeating patterns.
Switching on the Pattern Edit Mode (horizontally and/or vertically) will display your drawing as tiles next to each other.
You're free to draw anywhere on these tiles, so you can easily create seamless patterns for use as website/desktop backgrounds, in print, or for textures in 3d modelling.
Toggle this feature on/off in the Picture menu.

For information on what a specific button does, just hover the mouse pointer above it for a few seconds and a short explanation will appear.


Release Notes:

[BUG FIX] Some common actions, such as adding a new layer, or changing the background color, could cause the app to crash.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by Blast-Fire

this app took about 10 seconds to appreciate… - ...if your into doodling this is such a slick-nice app… my glass-pad on my Macbook Pro works fluidly & perfectly.. yes perfectly precise. … colors are great. . .. over all 6 stars for the fun of doodling.. and thinking that i can make some fantastic art too if i put the time into the drawing.. with that.. simple.. quick .. easy to use.. not very complicated if you know anything about photo / drawing apps.. .. (-'s) … saving only has a default to the user photo folder in the OSX….can not pre name save files. & my 'complaint' is .. the 'brush, pen, or eracer.. are just the stock OSX arrow.. .. (+'s) .. full screen is great.. has a 'boss key' which makes it easy to HIDE!!… wish it had a hot key for that.. but overall GREAT APP!!!.. i rip the ones i don't like.. and praise the ones i enjoy.. this one gets a 8 out of 10 on the .. opened it . and in 10 seconds i was happy with it!! .. then spent some time with it.. and it holds true. ... files save out nice & large.. for a simple drawing app.. this one is cool with me.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people