Day One Classic

Developer: Bloom Built, LLC

Current Version: 1.10.6

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 12.3 MB - Download


This is a maintenance release of Day One Classic available for a short time for existing users.

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Release Notes:

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.5
Review by ScottNWDW

Wonderful App - I have now been using Day One for over 6 years. I didn’t start off with it on my Mac, I started with my iPhone. I love this app. I did try other journal/diary apps but Day One was the first that had iPhone, iPad and Mac verions that could sync together. Overall I am happy with it, very happy with it. Never thought I would actually keep up with keeping a journal, but here I am over 6 years later and as I look back to previous posts it points out some of the high’s and low’s of this thing we call life. Having Day One on all my devices really means I can jot down a note in the journal as they happen. Everything is time stamped and if I want to use a picture I can. It’s really great. I can read or edit the notes on any device that is handy as well. I have Day One on my Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. Over the years many new features were added on all platforms and the app gets better with each new version. Keep up the good work and f you don’t already have it, get this app. If you want a nice simple and well designed app to help you make a journal of your life this is the app to get.

Found helpful by 38 out of 40 people
Version 1.10
Review by mjurmann

Still no encryption for posts - At this point, after all of this time, the developers still have not integrated encryption for protecting entries. The whole point of a diary is to be able to write whatever you want to write without fear that the information inside will be compromised. Without encryption, that fear will always be there which means I will never use this app to journal. Purchasing it has been a huge waste of money since I’ve never used it and won’t until encryption comes (if ever). I’m convinced that the Day One team are a talented bunch of designers but when it comes to development, they are in over their heads - big time - and that shows when you look at the guts off this app. Allowing only a single photo per entry - still? Seriously guys? No encryption when you’re writing deeply personal things into your journal? Is this a joke? Without encryption I will not use this app and I suggest anyone else not use it either. All one needs to do is go in the iCloud folder or Dropbox folder or the new Day One sync folder to see the text files for each entry. No encyption, no password protection, nothing. These devs got really, really lucky with their product being successful because they do not seem to be very talented when it comes to development.

Found helpful by 49 out of 61 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.10.6
Review by Tburgueso

Where’s the support for those who supported you? - Buy our Mac app! Buy our iOS app also! Then we’ll release new versions with no upgrade path for our existing customers. If I may be so blunt as to mention it, it is because of the purchases of your existing customers that you are still in business. Bye-bye.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.10.6
Review by BindWhenKiss

Buy for iOS and OS X… now no more iCloud support on 2.0 and no more update for 1.0 - This app is now good bye. I loved. I use every day. new app which is 2.0 is no longer support iCloud sync.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.10.6
Review by Time Squire-in-Training

[Pleased to see this maintence release!] Developer handled transition to new app version very poorly - [Update 1 Aug 2016: Three stars for providing this maintence release! Tempted to reward it with four stars; but there’s little sign of future commitment by the developer to continue maintaining this version, and promised changes to correct gravely mistaken developer decisions regarding the new version have not materialized after more than half a year. This “Classic” version continues to be the version to use; at the very least until proper encryption is implemented in the new version.] On the upside, the developer appears to have continued to provide some short-term support and updates for this and the Day One Classic iOS app, in hopes of re-establishing much lost goodwill. That effort is appreciated. This was an excellent app. Many long-time users are angry and frustrated for good reasons. The developer handled user privacy, user experience, and the journal data transfer transition from Day One [now “Day One Classic"] to the new "Day One 2” app version (listed as separate app for purchase), very, very poorly. The new version, Day One 2, completely removed the iCloud and Dropbox sync options, while instead implementing only a developer-controlled 3rd party sync service without any encryption or secure privacy on the server side. Developer admitted staff has access to unencrypted Day One 2 user journal files on the AWS servers, hosted by Amazon. Developer also appears to be planning to charge a subscription for sync and backup service for the new app (bait & switch). This developer has been burning his own breakfast. See the other reviews for additional recent user complaints concerning this app and the developer. Genuinely hoping this develpoer can pull their act together.

Found helpful by 17 out of 18 people
Version 1.10.6
Review by Kat513

App update locked up my macbook - This app update locked up my MacBook. I restarted the MacBook, and tried to resume the update, but the update won’t start.

Found helpful by 1 out of 3 people
Version 1.10.6
Review by Mark GT

Loved Classic, love the new one - This app has had a place in my dock and my home screen for a long time. It’s done its job well. I paid to upgrade to the new one. App development costs money. Sync services cost money. iCloud and Dropbox would not support what they wanted to do, so they had to build their own. Lots of apps eventually have to go to a subscription model to fund their costs. But if you think you can just buy an app once and get free updates for life, you haven’t been using commercial software very long. Thanks to the DayOne devs. Keep them coming.

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