Day One

Developer: Bloom Built Inc

Current Version: 2.4.2

Last Updated: 10 days ago

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Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.

**App of the Year 2012 and Apple Design Award 2014**


“This superb journaling app remains pleasant to behold, easy to use, and a tough act for any rival to follow.” —Macworld


“Day One makes keeping a journal delightfully easy.” —Wired


“If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.” —The Sweet Setup


Easily make journaling a part of your life:

- Reminders
- In-app and System Notifications
- Calendar

Reap the rewards of your consistency:

- On This Day flashbacks and Nearby entries
- On-the-spot memory enhancement
- Book printing

There’s no limit to the memories you can save in Day One:

- Unlimited photo storage (Premium only)
- Unlimited journals (Premium only)
- Social media with Day One's Activity Feed and IFTTT integration

Day One Sync provides peace of mind:

- End-to-End Encryption
- Sync across all your devices (Premium only)
- Passcode and Touch ID lock

Day One’s clean, distraction-free interface makes it easy to write down what’s important:

- Powerful text formatting with Markdown
- Templates
- Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop, and watch)

Metadata automatically records the finer points of life:

- Location
- Time and date
- Temperature and weather
- Activity—motion and step count
- Music playing

Finding any memory is fast and easy:

- Powerful search
- Multiple journals (Premium only)
- Tags
- Star favorite entries
- Browse by calendar, timeline, maps, or photos

Our export options make it easy for you share your journals:

- Export to PDF, HTML, JSON
- Print your journals with Day One Book


Also available from Day One:

- Unlimited Photo Storage
- Unlimited Journals
- Cloud sync to all Day One apps
- Unlimited encrypted cloud storage
- Automated Entries (IFTT integration)
- 25% Book Printing Discount
- Prioritized customer support

- New Users: $3.99/monthly and $34.99/yearly
- Existing Users: $2.99/monthly and $24.99/yearly

Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. It is available for monthly or yearly periods. Your subscription is automatically renewed if it is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You're not allowed to cancel a subscription after it is activated. Subscriptions are managed in iTunes Account Settings.

Premium FAQ:


For technical assistance or other inquiries, email:

Terms of Use:


Release Notes:

Sync performance improvements and fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.1
Review by El Lado

Customers need to get over the lack of icloud/dropbox syncing - Writing repetitive reviews complaining about the lack of 1 feature does not warrant a 1-2 star. I’ve been using Day One since the beginning, gladly paid for the 2.0 upgrade and love everything. Your data is no more secure in iCloud than it is with Day One. If you really want security, journal on paper and lock it up in a physical vault every night, but please stop the complaining and enjoy the app for what it is, a terrific improvement of an already great, award-wining app.

Found helpful by 24 out of 82 people
Version 2.0
Review by Gank!

Data Kept Privately? - I like Day One (v1) a LOT. It’s just a Great Jounal/Diary App. I don’t think there’s another app similar or even in the same catagory that’s as nice as this app is. Both the iOS and OS X version.. Version 1 allowed you to sync with iCloud. Version 2 syncs your personal diary and private stories, life —everything— is housed on their private servers. And from what I can gather, their developers can read it all. I know there’s a TON of apps that you have to grant permissions to your location, photos, contacts, etc.. But this is different. These are personal VERY private diary entries. And for whatever reason they thought it would be **Better** to use their own servers instead because of issues with duplicate entries, slowness, and crashes. All things I have yet to encounter once with this app. That’s why I’ve loved the app so much. It works. And this new version works great, too! But I just can’t, in good conscience, give this app more than one star due to teh privacy issue. In fact, I’ve already contacted the developers to get a refund for both the iOS and OS X version of "Day One 2”… Which is a shame because it’s such a great app. Bring back iCloud sync! The features being enabled because of iCloud Sync’s *Limitations* seem outlandish when so many other quality apps also exist and also use iCloud Sync. iCloud Sync doesn’t allow for multiple image uploads per entry?? Really? I’m calling shenanigans.

Found helpful by 160 out of 167 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.2
Review by luzvb1

Mad - So i downloaded this app a long time ago like 3 or 4 years and i have the last version on my iPad and it was pretty cool because i used a lot and i can update all my stories in the cloud so now i bought a macbook and i cant see that stories. I dont feel secure with the new update i think i should use the last version.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by serene and impatient

Finally end-to-end encryption, but setup is a bit wonky - It took a long wait, but finally version 2 has encryption, making this version suitable for private journaling. I had problems, though, with getting the OSX and iOS versions to sync. Turns out each app declared its own account, so I was trying to sync different accounts. No wonder it didn’t recognize the encryption code. I do NOT care for the subscription model. This is what people warned about: holding users hostage for sync to a “premium” subscription that to me seems pretty pricey for what you get. I’m glad I bought the app early and was grandfathered in to “Plus”. In the end, all of this hoop jumping got me pretty much back to Day One version 1, plus being able to include more photos. All these moves make me hesitate to trust the developers. So four provisional stars for now.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people