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Current Version: 2.2.5

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Easy and quick encrypt or decrypt files by dragging the folder into the designated area. File Crypt Pro uses AES-Twofish cascade encryption algorithm for a improved encryption (Two ciphers in a cascade operating in XTS mode. Each 128-bit block is first encrypted with Twofish (256-bit key) in XTS mode and then with AES (256-bit key) in XTS mode. Each of the cascaded ciphers uses its own key. All encryption keys are mutually independent).

AES - The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) specifies a FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithm (Rijndael, designed by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen, published in 1998) that may be used by US federal departments and agencies to cryptographically protect sensitive information. It is a standard encryption algorithm, commonly used by businesses and governments. Unlike most of the other encryption algorithms, AES has never been broken. This means your data is 100% safe.

Twofish - Designed by Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, David Wagner, Chris Hall, and Niels Ferguson; published in 1998. It uses a 256-bit key and 128-bit block and operates in XTS mode. Twofish was one of the AES finalists. This cipher uses key-dependent S-boxes. Twofish may be viewed as a collection of 2128 different cryptosystems, where 128 bits derived from a 256-bit key control the selection of the cryptosystem.

The encrypted notes system use the AES-256 encryption algorithm. You can store any confidential information inside File Crypt Pro without been worried that your data will be compromised.


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by Andy-on-line

Fast and simple to use! - Easy to use - a simple click and the job is done! And "customer support" was quick, helpful, and very personable.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 2.2.4
Review by TeamVerb

no instructions with this app! - The only help I can find is a link to a utube video with no sound! Wasted $

Found helpful by 24 out of 24 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.2.5
Review by RalphT31

It Works Pretty Good - It’s not a bad app for the money; however, the Youtube tutorial is terrible and could be confusing - to say the least. File encryption and decryption works well, but, you may have to play around with the app until you get it right. Took me three (3) tries to get file encryption/decryption correct. Suggest the author(s) of this app put the process to encrypt/decrypt “on paper” similar to the help section for their AntiVirus Sentinel Pro app.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people