Data Cleansing

Developer: Holy Mackerel Software

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Perform Data Cleansing on any MySQL database. Clean your Text, Number and Date field values with 50 different cleansing types.

Preview your changes before they are made. See the original and the cleaned values side-by-side. Make last minute edits or remove certain records from updating.

Save the preview changes to a spreadsheet, CSV or tab-delimited file. Copy the changes to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Many of the cleansing types have options to tailor your specific changes.

View the Wikipedia page on data cleansing directly in the app.

When you are ready update the changes directly into the database.

Cleansing types include:
Title Case
Sentence case

Add Time to Date
Bullets to Hyphens
Date Format
Day of the Week
Day of the Year
Days left in the Year
Em/En-dash to Hyphen
Hash Value
Hyphen to Em-dash
Hyphen to En-dash
L33T Speak
LineFeeds to Returns
Non-breaking Spaces to normal Space
Normal Spaces to non-breaking Space
Number Format
Number of Letters
Number of Words
Number to Words
Returns to LineFeeds
Shift ASCII value
Soundex Code
Tabs to Spaces
Week of the Year

Remove All
Remove All ASCII
Remove ASCII Control characters
Remove Excess Returns
Remove Excess Spaces
Remove Excess Tabs
Remove LineFeeds
Remove Non ASCII
Remove Non Letters
Remove Non Numbers
Remove Periods
Remove Punctuation
Remove Returns
Remove Spaces
Remove Tabs

Email to Web
Name to Salutation/First/Last
Phone Number


Release Notes:

[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] Added the ability to clean one field based on the value in another field
[New] Added the ability to add a MySQL WHERE command. This allows you to limit what records are considered for cleansing.
[New] Added the ability to determine the Salutation based on the First Name.
[New] Added the ability to look up data based on a UK or USA postcode. Updates include City, State/County, Country, Region, SubRegion, Latitude and Longitude.
[Fix] The case of the First Name no longer matters when looking up the Salutation.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by JohnTWolff

DOA - I have nearly a dozen MySQL applications and utilities, all of which I've gotten to correctly resolve to my server within minutes. This app falls flat on its face right out of the gate. Not one single variation of all other successful logins on all the other applications works when starting at Data Cleansing's setup panel. I fail as myself, as root, as... Santa Claus. Worse: No help file. Only a link that takes you to the Holy Mackerel web site, whereupon you have to prowl the submenus to get to Data Cleansing's product page which… tries to sell you Data Cleansing again! No FAQ, no forum, no luck. Stay away from this 1.0 train wreck folks. These guys may have coded, but they've failed to come up with either a viable product or support structure. Save your money.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people