Daily Expenses

Developer: Raj Kumar Shaw

Current Version: 3.3.8

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 9.9 MB - Download


Daily Expenses was featured by Apple twice in "Best New Apps". The simplicity of this spending tracker is the reason why.

Keep track of your spending habits using Daily Expenses. Daily expense is here to help control the flow of your money. Daily Expenses is the easiest way to balance your expenses and income. It allows you to select your categories and even allows multiple users.

You can also customize suitable payment modes, categories, dates, expense details etc.

It provides powerful features like:
+ Add expense amount, date, category, payment method, description.
+ View your expenses by category or by payments.
+ Customize it according to your needs.
+ Very simple and intuitive interface.
+ Search and Advance Search option..
+ Balance Sheet
+ Chart and Graph
+ Backup/Restore System
+ Export Data to CSV, PDF, TXT format
+ Option to share in Email, Print and more…
+ Security System
+ Multiple User option
+ iCloud
+ Customize Reporting System
+ Quick Add Entry...
+ many more…

Step-by-Step Guide to Daily Expenses is available under Help menu.

Managing daily expenses takes a lot of time and effort. Using Daily Expenses can easily reduce your workload.
Daily Expenses is a great tool to help you understand how you are spending "your" money.


Release Notes:

App crash issue fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Strifew

Makes it fun. - I hate keeping track of my expenses. Never have enjoyed it and it has cost me dearly. Just adding up the money I spent on coffee alone could buy me a great sports car. Sticking to an accounting program is impossible for most of us. This "thing" might just keep me interested in adding my expenditures and incomes because it feels light and very usable. Almost feels more visual than numbers based. I guess it so simple to use that it has a chance to keep me interested. I was actually kind of pleasantly surprised by this app. The interface is so transparanet and seems to be more of a social media style app than a dull acounting app.I can see why it was featured.

Found helpful by 28 out of 30 people
Version 2.6
Review by SBCpp

No Help menu, no user manual, no instructions, and useless developer website - UPDATE: version 2.6. This is the third update since my first review. Seems like frequent updates, but is not clear what has improved. Still as bad as before (see below) I bought this app and the iPhone/iPad app because of the iCloud sync, good user reviews, and the unique function of having multiple users. I activated iCoud sync then looked for instructions or preferences to activate multiple users, so when we set budget expense of all family members will update live on every family member device. To my surprise, there is no preference or any setup to activate the multiuser support, and there is no “Help” menu for this software or user manual. I clicked on “Daily Expense Support” in the App page on the App Store, and I was taken to the developer website. Surprisingly the developer website has no helpful information except a list of features, has no documentation online or downloadable, and no manuals. When I clicked on “Forum” to see if any other user has commented on this, I got an error page that the page cannot be found. How did this crap pass Apple review process? The App is featured in the “Best New Apps" on the App Store, and is shown in the Better Together section in the iCloud category. More interestingly, this is version 2.2, so you would expect better from such an App.

Found helpful by 47 out of 57 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3.8
Review by bekahmae1955

Finally, I found what I’ve been looking for. - I love it! I have several businesses. There are expenses that needs to be divided appropriately between them. I finally found something that I can exactly do it! This app supports exactly how my brain process things. I can now be organized! Yey! The only thing that I suggest is the calendar/date feature. I had to enter things for prior years. I have to click, click click…… unti I reach the exact date. Will you please adjust this so that I can just enter the right year or date that I want to post it in? THANKS :)

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 3.3.8
Review by hobbsburg

Very disappointed. Not well organized and I just lost ALL my info! - I bought this app (quite expensive) because I wanted to track my expenses in order to see spending trends over time (the last two years). In order to enter historical expenses, it is necessary to click on the Calendar icon EVERY SINGLE TIME to back up to a previous month (that adds up to thousands of clicks for expenses from two years ago). I was willing to put the time in, and was seeing some interesting trends in my spending. However, I just tried to back up the info to the Cloud and ALL of it was erased. ALL of it. Several hours of my time, gone. On top of that, there is no way to scroll through expenses, even if you select just one category (my personal spending black hole is restaurants). The app will only display what fits on the screen, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to access earlier entries at all. In short, not a terribly efficiently organized app, does offer some helpful information but only in terms of overviews, not in terms of specific spending. And plus, the backup onto the Cloud deleted all my info. I moved the app to the trash. I cannot recommend this app at all.

Found helpful by 0 out of 7 people