DaVinci Resolve Studio

Developer: Blackmagic Design Inc

Current Version: 12.5.6

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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Professional non-linear editing and color correction!

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio combines professional video editing with the world’s most advanced color corrector and incredible new effects so now you can edit, color correct, add effects and deliver projects from start to finish, all in one single software tool! This massive new update features 1,000 enhancements and 250 new features that make editing faster and color better than ever before!

DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio is the same version of the software used by professional Hollywood editors and colorists on virtually all major feature films, episodic television programs and commercials! You get ultra wide dynamic range 32-bit float YRGB image processing and GPU acceleration for producing beautiful images that no other system can match.

Faster Editing
With a huge number of new editing features, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 now has virtually every editing and trimming tool imaginable! You get context sensitive trimming, an intuitive edit overlay for quickly assembling edits and more. In addition to its professional editing features, you also get unique tools that you won't find in any other software such as the new ripple overwrite and a revolutionary new audio waveform overlay that makes finding and editing to audio cues incredibly fast!

Better Color
DaVinci Resolve features an incredibly rich set of primary and secondary color correction tools, along with new HDR tools and ResolveFX. Unlike other editors, which force you to do color correction on an editing timeline, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio has a dedicated interface designed for high end color work that goes far beyond any other editing system. Best of all you can switch back and forth between editing and color correction at any time with a single click!

New Effects
DaVinci Resolve 12.5 introduces ResolveFX, an amazing collection of high performance GPU accelerated plug-ins such as blurs, light rays, mosaics and more! You also get more transitions, on-screen title editing, improved keyframe animation and curve editing in the timeline, new speed ramp effects and Fusion Connect, which lets you link and send shots to Fusion for visual effects!

Additional Features in DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio
DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio has the same features as the free version, but also gives you additional creative tools such as temporal and spatial noise reduction, optical quality motion and blur effects, lens distortion correction, de-interlacing, lens flares, lens blur and film grain. You also get the latest HDR (high dynamic range) grading and stereoscopic 3D tools, remote rendering, higher resolution output and an amazing set of collaborative workflow tools that let multiple people work on the same project at the same time!

Current model MacPro, iMac or MacBook Pro with a minimum of 2GB of graphics memory. A fast hard disk for video, 16GB of system memory, Mac OS X 10.10.5 or higher, at least a 1440 x 900 resolution display and OpenCL. For a list of compatible formats, codecs and interoperability information, visit the Blackmagic Design website.

The full retail version of DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio, which is available from Blackmagic Design resellers, adds compatibility with CUDA, works with even more OpenFX plug-ins as well as VST plug-ins and can be used with even more control panel options!

Multi-track timeline
Bins, Smart Bins & Power Bins
Automatic audio/video sync via timecode or waveform
Dozens of professional editing & trimming tools
Context sensitive timeline trimming
Asymmetric & dynamic JKL trimming
Quick edit overlay with 7 edit options
Multi Camera editing
Audio waveform overlays in source viewer
Speed changes & time remapping
Timeline based keyframe & curve editor
Customizable transitions
On-screen audio mixer & audio plug-ins
Rich Text titling with professional typography controls
Metadata support, keyword tags, import/export via CSV
Customizable keyboard shortcuts


Release Notes:

•Added support for decoding multi-part EXR files
•Added support for remembering bars vs. wheels when pressing Primaries on the panel
•Added support for Optimized Media for Stereoscopic 3D clips
•Added support for Fast Forward and Rewind by repeatedly pressing forward or reverse playback on the panel DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels
•Added ability to adjust LCD brightness for the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels
•Added ability to adjust button brightness for the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels
•Added support for Color Boost in 3D LUT generation
•Addressed an issue where mattes would not be media managed correctly
•General performance and stability improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 12.2
Review by Bradidimus

Advanced Tools at a great price! - This app is not for the faint of heart. If you are new to video editing/color correction it will be a steep learning curve. I suggest learning iMovie, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro, and then this. Blackmagic has done something amazing here. You can download a free version that has nearly every feature available, learn it, and then upgrade to this paid version when you become a full-time professional. They've done a good job over the last couple years at simplfying the interface and adding lots of editing features. My only complaints are that the settings and preference menus are overly complicated and there are many redunancies found in there. Plus Final Cut Pro X is still better at organizing your clips within the app with keyword ranges and smart collections and its magnetic timeline is a lot slicker and faster than DaVinci Resolve's. But with all of its amazing color grading tools Resolve is a great place to send your Final Cut Pro X projects for finishing.

Found helpful by 33 out of 38 people
Version 12.5
Review by WayneLH

BUYER BEWARE - NOT a the full featured version. Key features like OpenFX are not available on the App Store version of Resolve. In other words, the ability to use third party plugins is missing. Blackmagic support confirmed, indicating that development of the App Store version was different from development of their version, and the App Store version is missing some features. Their suggestion: buy their $999 version. Based on my experience and needs, most should stick to the free version. If you do need the full-featured version, take the hit and spend the extra $500.

Found helpful by 13 out of 14 people