DP Analyzer

Developer: Gustavo Pizano

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 5.3 MB - Download


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DP Analyzer is a Mac OS X developer tool that allow us, the developers, analyze and keep track of the evolution of our code. This evolution is in terms of Lines of Code (LOC), time, and of course money!.

With DP Analyzer you can:

★ Analyze XCode projects code.
★ Supported files: Objective-C, C, C++.
★ Assign a monetary and time cost to each analysis.
★ Compare different analysis.
★ Print project analysis.

One of the WOW features is the ability to share, from within DP Analizer, a status to the major social networks, Twitter and Facebook. Think about this as, "If there is an app that submit how many kilometers did I run, why can't I submit how many lines of code and effort I did in my current projects also?".This is a way to tell your friends and followers what are you into.