Developer: Arlen Anderson

Current Version: 2.0.14

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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CraigShopper is a search tool designed to make life easier by saving you time & money.

CraigShopper is not affiliated with craigslist in any way.

Why Do You Need It?
You'll save time. If you've ever spent much time searching craigslist then this app will revolutionize your life. Seriously. No more constant searching.

You'll save money. Ever find a great deal just to find out someone else got it first? CraigShopper will give you the advantage by letting you know when something you're looking for is posted.

CraigShopper makes searching easy. Search several locations or even entire countries simultaneously. Quit searching locations one at a time.

Did I mention it's fast?

+ Email Notifications
+ Growl Notifications
+ Set Different Notifcation Options For Each Search
+ Search Multiple Locations and Categories
+ Multithreaded Searches
+ Integrated Browser
+ Ads Can Be Marked For Later or Hidden Entirely
+ Enter Strict Search Parameters or Just Browse


Release Notes:

Added support for craigslist's new image hosting


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by FooledAgainAndAgain

Assume the best there is for Mac desktop, and it is pretty darn good. - I’m giving this 5 stars, because I think it is pretty good for the Mac, and probably the best there is. There are a few organizational things that I wish were different, and maybe more similar to Escargot’s cPRO+ or Craigslist+ (whichever it is called now) on the iPhone/iPad. But these are mostly nit pics - e.g. I wish marking/saving items was a little bit more intuitive, and that reviewing all of the marked items was easier to do. Right now I always have to think about where the “mark” command is, and then the marked items get saved under the individual searches instead of in a master list. (Arlen, would be quite helpful to have a master list of saved items and make that sortable and groupable). It could also use a little improvement in creating new searches - I’d like to create a default set of cities, but if you create a search from scratch, you have to pick cities for each search. But it is plenty easy just to “duplicate” an existing search as this carries forward all the settings from that search, and then you can change the search string. Overall, the program is fast, and makes Craigslist searching and monitoring much faster. Love it.

Found helpful by 12 out of 17 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by Jasoncg1

No Support, Causes CraigsList to Block IP - I used this app for about a year with no problem. Then all of a sudden, my IP address got blocked. I e-mailed to get it unblocked, and within a couple of days using CraigShopper, it got blocked again. This happened numerous times over a 5-6 month period. I tried e-mailing CraigsList, but they do not support 3rd party apps. The last time I got unblocked, I tried using Craigslist without the CraigShopper app, and I was able to use it without getting blocked for a couple of weeks. I figured I’d give the app another shot, and within minutes of opening it, I was blocked again. I e-mailed the app creator, and got no reply. This app is great in theory, but I definitely found a link between using it and having my IP address blocked. With no support offered from the app designer to address this problem, the app is useless. Perhaps there is an underlying cause, but without any support, that is unknown.

Found helpful by 11 out of 11 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.14
Review by 1611MAC

Not recommended… iOS apps are better. - PRO Though not apparent, this app supports Craigslist’s complex searches. Make sure you read the “Home” page info when the app starts-up or click the “Home” icon at the very top of the item viewer on the right pane. You DO NOT have to create multiple searches. For example: “Blue Hat” | “Red Hat" will return in the one search both “Blue Hat” and “Red Hat" listings. I had created several searches before I even noticed the “Tips & Tricks” on the opening main page. I was in too much a rush to setup my first search. Don’t make that mistake or you are missing the most powerful feature of this app. CON - No way to mark viewed listings. Flag shows new listings since previous “sync” (update), flag remains even if item is viewed. - Developer does not respond to his own support system. - Unstable, frequent crashes. - Very little documentation. (ie: “Fast” sync. What does that mean? Every 5 min. Every hour? Every day?) - Returned results are different than the exact same search on Craigslist website. For example, one search returned 396 returns in CraigShopper while the exact same serch terms on Craigslist website returned 434. I have not waded thru the returns to see what the differences are. BOTTOM LINE Don’t spend the money on this app, Get one of the iPhone/iPad apps instead.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by old truck53

won’t work auto blocks - this is junk! they need to fix this auto block. i write to them to unblock me and they do. three clicks later I’m blocked again!! done bother with this app till the up date for bugs @-20-2016

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by x21b13-2

Version 2.1.14 update - I just updated to the latest version and I'm very happy. This is one GREAT application. I have shown it to some of my windoze friends and they are jealous. I use this application every day and it has saved me thousands of dollars. It allows you to know right when an item is listed. The best deals always go FAST. You need to be quick if you want to win then. This application allows me to strike before others. I bought my SUV after having monitored for 6 months waiting for JUST WHAT I WANTED at the PRICE I WANTED TO PAY. I called the seller within minutes of them listing the item and arranged to meet them before anyone else could grab the deal up. Bottom line, if you shop on craig's list, you need CraigShopper.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by _Say_What

Great App…after you figure it out on your own - This is a very, very helpful CL shopping tool. For some of my ongoing searches I’m using nationwide, some are just a few states, and some are just local. When I want to sell an item I can quickly find everyone in the country to see if I’m pricing it properly. When someone wants to come down on price I can respond with “I’ve seen 15 of these for sale across the country. I know I’m priced right. And next closest one for sale is 400 miles away." I like you can give the search a custom name. By adding (WA & OR) after the item I know that list is just for those two states. Don’t laugh. It’s easy to have a dozen search going. Downside: Needs Q&A section and a much better tutorial video. Author goes way, way too fast for a newbie. Why not make it a 5 minute video and cover everything…slowly. And don’t use phrases like “hierarchical.” Just say ordered by rank. I’m giving it 5 for what it can do…after you teach yourself. But it would be so simple to explain WHY it’s so good in the video. The dude would sell a heckuva lot more apps. He should have a lady do the tutorial who doesnt live and breathe the app every day. e.g. I can’t find anywhere where it shows you how to select specific states or cities. Answer: Command button then click. The Q&A could simply be the written version of the video.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 2.0.14
Review by David J. M.

Good app but dates are no longer being generated properly - I’ve used this app for over two years. It’s a very convenient way to search Craigs List. However, starting a week or so ago, Craig Shopper is no longer properly displaying the dates of posts. Instead of dates, it shows the word “EmptyDate.” I’ve contacted the developer a few times and I have yet to hear back. So I don’t know if the app is still being actively developed. As a result, I’m only giving it three stars. I will increase my rating if I ever hear back from the developer and if he I fixes the problem with dates. Slight update: I posted the above paragraph in August. I still haven’t heard back from the developer so it seems like the program is no longer being supported and that bugs are no longer being fixed.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people