Developer: Dear Panda LLC

Current Version: 5.0.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Take notes and record audio during classes and meetings, sync over iCloud to all of your iOS devices and other Macs! CourseNotes helps you stay organized by keeping notes arranged by subject and class meeting.

Keeping class notes organized is a daunting task for any student. Put an end to unreadable notes on torn up spiral notebooks, and stop paging through your notes looking desperately for that one thing you remember writing that one time... Let CourseNotes be your guide!

CourseNotes lets you take notes with rich text editing, lets you import PDFs, take photos and import other images, all while recording audio at the same time. Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once. You can also keep ToDo lists and track assignments–CourseNotes can sync to your iPad calendar to make sure you stay up to date. CourseNotes also syncs over iCloud with CourseNotes for your Mac and other iOS devices.


• Take notes with rich text editing, images and imported PDFs
• Record audio alongside written notes
• Sync over iCloud with CourseNotes on iPad, iPhone or other Macs
• Organize notes by subject and class meeting
• Print notes or export as HTML
• Track assignments and ToDo items
• Keep a unified ToDo list for each subject



Release Notes:

New in 5.0:
• Support for full syncing with CourseNotes on iOS and other Macs over iCloud
• Support for audio recordings
• Full app redesign
• Tons of new features and improvements!

New in 5.0.3:
• Stability improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1
Review by MSU_VetStudent

I love Course Notes! - I have to say, I always find notes helpful to take in class. It makes it easier to study for tests and exams and allows me to write down my thoughts and what the teacher is saying faster. The only thing is, some times written notes can get messy when you’re trying to write down stuff quickly and notes can get lost and mixed up in your folders. Course Notes has dramatically changed this issue. All my notes are in the same spot. I can easily find notes and also can easily type my notes. They look clean, organized, and being able to edit or add images later is so helpful. I absolutely love Course Notes and would recommend it to anyone.

Found helpful by 10 out of 11 people
Version 5.0.3
Review by Duke of Plaid

DO NOT PURCHASE - This app is a waste of your time and money - Having spent hours studying and taking notes for my Medical-Surgical Nursing course, I saved, double-saved, and triple-saved to make sure the information I had just painstakingly typed out was secure. Upon re-opening the program to look back over my notes the evening before an enormously important exam, I am surprised to find that not a single one of my notes in any of my subjects is present. Everything is gone. None of my backups restore anything of use or value. This app is a waste of your time and money. The developer apparently cannot implement a feature so fundamental and important as a proper “save” option, let alone functional iCloud syncing. Little to no information about how to use the app is available both within it and from outside sources; the app blog hasn’t even been updated since mid-2011. Why this app still appears so readily when searching for education and productivity software is beyond me. There are far more functional, useful, and usable options available.

Found helpful by 51 out of 54 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.0.3
Review by Legmelle

Almost there. - Handy and organized app for taking notes over multiple subjects. Truly rich text editing. Lacking the ability to export the file and anything but HTML or to print without odd formatting. With those issues addressed, this could be the definitive note-taking app.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 5.0.3
Review by Metafx

Still has many problems - I have been searching for a good notetaking app because of deficencies in other apps that are currently on the market. I tested this app out to see how it prints and exports to PDF and when I did so nothing shows up. I typed text in a note and saved it but nothing shows up when I go to print. Also another essential feature for taking notes, the bulleted list does not allow you to tab+shift the hierarchy of bullets to the previous hierarchy. For me, these features are essential and are broken on this app. I like a lot of what this app is doing with voice sessions alongside notes and its ability to structure and create new notes but until the functionality related to *taking* notes is fixed, this app is unuseable.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 5.0.3
Review by b0b01978

insert photo - gotten a whole lot better. love the app. it would be great if I could attach a pic to my notes

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people