Course for Smart Controls

Developer: Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Current Version: 2.0.2

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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Tired of diving through plugins to find the DSP parameters you're after? Smart Controls let you assign parameters from several plugins to one collection of knobs that are always available!

We all love DSP plugins. It's common to use dozens in each project. But with all those plugins to juggle, your screen can quickly become overcrowded. Happily, Logic Pro X now has Smart Controls! Cluttered screens are a thing of the past…

In this course David Earl shows you how to map the parameters of several DSP plugins onto the control knobs of a single Smart Control unit. You'll learn how to select an appropriate Smart Control preset, then assign its controls to any plugin assigned to the channel strip. Included is a lesson on assigning Multiple DSP Parameters to a single Smart Control!

With the basics covered, you'll move on to advanced Smart Control Tutorials like Using Smart Controls with Track Stacks, and using an iPad to tweak your Smart Controls from inside Logic Remote. There's a lot to learn… click a preview video to begin!

Table of contents:

1. Using the Environment
2. Using Automation Quick Access
3. Applying Multiple Controls - Easy
4. Applying Multiple Controls - Advanced
5. Basic MainStage Techniques
6. More MainStage Techniques
7. Introducing Smart Controls
8. Exploring Presets
9. More Presets
10. Creating Smart Controls From Scratch
11. Reassigning a Parameter
12. Reassigning Multiple Parameters
13. How Scaling Works
14. Assigning an External Controller
15. Creating a Track Stack
16. Changing Track Stack Controls
17. Further Control Assignments
18. Troubleshooting Track Stacks
19. Using the Logic Remote on iPad
20. Controlling the Sound Design
21. Sending Automation and MIDI Data


Release Notes:

• Improved User Interface and Experience.
• Add your own notes to individual tutorials.
• View the outline and jump to any tutorial while playing video or from the Home screen.
• Mark your favourite tutorials.
• Take your learning experience full screen.
• Hide or show the tutorial outline whenever you want.
• Compatible with OS X Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), and newer.