Course for NI Advanced Kontakt

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Go deeper into Native instruments incredible Sampler, Kontakt ... Star NonLinear Educating instructor Scott Freiman shows you how!

In this video tutorial, composer and sound designer Scott Freiman goes in-depth into Native Instruments’ powerful Kontakt 4 sampler to show you how to create and modify your own sounds. Building on the material taught in Native Instruments 105: Exploring Kontakt, Scott covers the numerous sound sculpting features of Kontakt.

Scott takes you from the multi (a collection of Kontakt instruments) all the way down to the sample level. In between, you will learn how to edit samples and create new instruments with complex effects and multiple modulation sources. Special attention will be given to Beat Machine and Time Machine, tools for creating complex rhythmic patterns or other interesting sample manipulations - a fantastic way of morphing between sounds.

Table of contents:

01. Overview of the Course
02. Structure of An Instrument
03. Signal Flow
04. Modulators and Scripts
05. Before We Begin
06. Our First Instrument.
07. Adding More Samples
08. More About the Mapping Editor
09. Loading Multiple Samples Simultaneously
10. Introduction to Groups
11. Automap
12. More Automapping
13. The Monitor Tab
14. Exporting and Importing Groups
15. Group Start Options
16. More About Groups and Zones
17. Voice Groups
18. Review - Creating "Cello Shimmers"
19. Introduction to the Wave Editor
20. Grids
21. Editing Grids
22. Building Loops
23. Fine Tuning Loops
24. Loop Modes
25. Beat Machine
26. Time Machine
27. Playing Individual Slices
28. Zone Envelopes
29. More About Zone Envelopes
30. Sample Editor
31. Review - Talk Music
32. Review - Ambibella
33. The Source Module
34. More About Beat Machine
35. More About Time Machine
36. Tone Machine
37. The Amplifier Module
38. Insert Effects
39. Send Effects
40. Effect Order
41. Sending a Group to an Aux Channel
42. Review - Guitar and Bells
43. Introduction to Modulators
44. Assignment Controls
45. Envelopes
46. 32 Step Modulator
47. Envelope Follower
48. Glide and External Sources
49. Syncing Modulators and Effects to Tempo
50. Review - Looney Tune and Bass Part One
51. Review - Looney Tune and Bass Part Two
52. Introduction to Scripts
53. More About Scripting
54. What's New in Kontakt 4.1 - Part One
55. What's New in Kontakt 4.1 - Part Two
56. Wrap-Up