Course For Reason 6 204 - Pulverizer

Developer: Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Squash it. Smash it! Make it dirty and shake it up! That sounds like Pulverisor –the new FX plugin from the mad scientists at Propellerhead. Let GW Childs show you how to totally PULVERIZE your Reason 6 tracks...
Dirty is the new clean. That’s exactly what Pulveriser does: It turns your cleanest, most pristine audio into the baddest, most messed up awesome audio junk you’ve ever heard.

GW Childs, our MPV audio mangling maestro, shows you his patented, pulverizing techniques in this workflow-based, 20-video tutorial. You’ll learn everything about Pulveriser and how to use it in your productions as GW systematically smashes his way through his own Pulverser laden project.

So join GW and see how you can Pulverise you projects to perfection!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Squash and Release
3. Dirt and Tone
4. The Pulverizer Filter
5. Routing Switch
6. Tremor - Filter
7. Tremor - Amplitude
8. Lag
9. Spread
10. Follower - Filter Mod
11. Follower - Tremor Rate Mod - Extra Distortion
12. Trigger
13. External Follower with Bass
14. Taming Hi-hats
15. Control your Kick with Character
16. Sculpting your Snare
17. Pulveriser and Echo
18. Guitar and Side-Chain
19. Vocals and Side-Chain
20. Conclusion