Course For Reason 5 Live Sampling

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With the release of Reason 5, Live Sampling has arrived. Watch as Mo Volans demonstrates essential skills 7 workflow techniques for sampling in Reason 5.

Reason is a sound designer’s dream machine. And now with Live Sampling all those amazing sounds, combinations, drum patterns and spaced out synthesizers can be recorded, mapped and played back under your flying fingers! The possibilities are absolutely endless! And that’s why we called upon Mo Volans (our favorite Reason Master) to show you the “ins and out” of sampling in Reason 5.

Sampling is an art, so Mo takes you deep into the rack to show you how an artist creates musical sample instruments to enhance your sonic experience and give new life to your tracks. So join Reason Master Mo as he educates us about the best ways to utilize the new Live Sampling capabilities in Reason 5.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Sampling?
2. An Introduction to Sampling in Reason 5
3. The Sampling Inputs
4. Levels and Metering
5. Routing Internal Devices
6. Routing External Devices
7. Using the Spider Audio Merger and Splitter
8. Using Sub Mixers
9. The Sampling Monitor Modes
10. An Introduction to the Sample Editor
11. Start, Edit and Zoom Points
12. Trimming and Cropping
13. Normalisation
14. Performing Fades
15. The Loop Modes
16. The Reverse Function
17 .The Audition Features
18. Setting the Root Key and Saving Samples
19. Sampling Directly into the NN-19
20. Building a Kit with Recorded Samples
21. Editing and Manipulating Your Samples
22. Sampling Directly Into the NN-XT
23. Mapping Samples
24. Layering Samples
25. Velocity Switching
26. Manipulating Your Samples with the NN-XT
27. Sampling to Kong’s Pads
28. Layering and Assigning Samples in the NN-Nano
29. Editing and Manipulating Manipulating Samples in Ko...