Course For Premiere Pro 5 - DSLR Workflows

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DSLRs are here and they're great at shooting amazing video! Along with new technologies come new challenges in a video editor’s workflow. Join expert trainer Jeff Greenberg as he teaches you how to optimize your DSLR workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro...
Shooting footage with DSLR cameras has many benefits: Cost, lenses, high quality image sensors. Along with these benefits come all kinds of new workflow techniques. Join Premiere Pro Trainer Jeff Greenberg as he teaches you how to incorporate DSLRs into your Adobe Premiere Pro workflow.

Jeff starts you off with an introduction of the DSLR way of thinking: He explains importance of knowing DSLR best production practices. Learn how to set up your camera in advance to ensure that what you're shooting is compatible with Premiere Pro's editing environment. Next Jeff explains ways to back up your valuable media, along with importing options, naming and transcoding. You’ll learn all about the Adobe Media Encoder and Adobe Bridge to capture and rename still images for use in Premiere Pro.

Here comes post production: Now what? In this section you’ll dive into metadata and the Project Panel. You’ll see how to properly set up a Sequence, and how to streamline and enhance the Timeline to optimize your Premiere Pro experience and speed up the editing process. Then Jeff will teach you techniques to import synced audio clips, manual syncing techniques and how to synchronize secondary audio. Finally, you’ll master exporting and importing XML files to Plural Eyes and incorporating Adobe’s After Effects and Audition to help with image stabilization and audio noise reduction.

So if you are shooting with a DSLR and you’re editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, this tutorial by Adobe Certified Trainer Jeff Greenberg will give you the knowledge you need to get your production on track from frame one!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. DSLR Pros and Cons
3. Frame sizes and Frame Rates
4. The Dual Camera System
5. Backing Up Media Cards
6. Organizing in the Finder
7. Creating a Project in Premiere Pro
8. Viewing Cards and Copying Video
9. Transferring Stills From Camera
10. Renaming and Converting
11. Why Transcode?
12. Transcoding with Adobe Media Encoder
13. From Media Browser to Premiere Pro
14. From Bridge to Premiere Pro
15. Viewing Metadata in Premiere Pro
16. Adjusting Thumbnail in Project Panel
17. Organizing in the Project Panel
18. Setting Up a Sequence
19. Timeline Colors and Best Performance
20. Importing Sync Audio
21. Manual Syncing in Premiere Pro
22. Modifying Merged Audio Clips
23. Sending Clips to PluralEyes
24. Syncing in PluralEyes
25. Returning to Premiere Pro
26. Stabilizing in After Effects
27. Noise Reduction using Audition


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