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3-Hours of NI Komplete Tutorials. Stream the HD version of this tutorial from: &

A detailed overview of the eleven instruments that make up Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE suite, including KONTAKT, REAKTOR, GUITAR RIG, and MASSIVE.

In "Native Instruments 102: Complete NI KOMPLETE," you’ll take a close look at the eleven instruments that make up Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE suite. For each instrument, you’ll spend time covering its user interface, including how to select and edit sounds. For the more complex instruments, there are several lessons devoted to exploring the more intricate features that let you really customize your sounds.

You’ll begin with a look at KOMPLETE’s two sampled pianos – AKOUSTIC PIANO (which models several types of acoustic pianos) and ELEKTRIK PIANO (which models several types of electric pianos). Next up is ABSYNTH, a great tool for sound design, and then the B4 II, an emulation of a B3 organ, and PRO-53, an emulation of a Prophet-5.

This tutorial-video goes on to explore the soft synths MASSIVE and FM8, BATTERY (the drum and percussion sampler), KONTAKT (the software sampler), REAKTOR (the sound construction kit), and GUITAR RIG (the virtual guitar rack).

Each section of this KOMPLETE course concludes with an exercise that uses a specific KOMPLETE instrument in conjunction with Native Instruments’ super-synth KORE. The exercises are designed to review the material discussed in the parallel section of the Native Instruments 101: Core NI KORE course. So, for example, the exercise in section 5 of KOMPLETE 102 uses concepts discussed in section 5 of the Core NI KORE course.