Course For Motion 4 101

Developer: Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Michael Wohl is Apple's Courseware & Manual author for Motion 4 - Learn how Motion works from a true insider!

Motion is an amazing app for making motion graphics and other animations for your video projects. In this 5-hour tutorial you'll learn everything you need to know to confidently incorporate Motion into your Final Cut Pro workflow.

Produced by Michael Wohl, our Star Final Cut Studio Trainer, this tutorial begins with an overview of the Motion workspace that takes you through all the major editing windows while showing you how file management works in Motion 4.

You'll move on to get deep instruction in creating Text & Shapes, using Generators, Behaviors, & Filters to automatically create animations, and working with items in your project to create drop shadows, skews distortions, and other creative effects.

Animations wouldn't exist without keyframes, so there's a detailed section on how to tween items to create your own custom animated presentations. The tutorial ends with a focused exploration of Particle Systems and Replicators - two of the most powerful (and complicated) tools available inside Motion 4.

You'll also learn how to use Motion 4 to drop the background out of Green Screen shots, and even motion track items on screen to assist you in the process of creating complex matte effects.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find topics of interest - that's the essence of NonLinear Educating® ... !

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. What Is Compositing?
03. Creating A New Project
04. Interface Overview
05. Basic Workflow
06. The File Browser
07. Using The Library
08. The Inspector
09. Using The HUD
10. The Layers Tab
11. The Media And Audio Tabs
12. Using The Timeline
13. Using Templates
14. Alignment & Guides
15. Scaling, Rotating, & Moving
16. Using Anchor Points
17. Skew & Distort Tools
18. Align & Distribute Tools
19. Drop Shadow & Color Picker
20. Using The Crop Tool
21. Exploring Blend Modes
22. Generators
23. Basic Text Features
24. Text Format
25. Text Style
26. Text Layout
27. The Adjust Glyph Tool
28. Text Generators
29. Basic Shapes
30. Using Custom Shapes
31. Manipulating Shapes
32. Using Paint Strokes
33. Basic Behaviors
34. More Basic Behaviors
35. Applying Filters
36. Layering Filters
37. The Kaleidoscope Filter
38. Fun Filters!
39. Showing & Hiding Effects
40. Edit Timing
41. Trimming Clips
42. Using Markers
43. Using Simulation Behaviors
44. Using Parameter Behaviors
45. Using an Oscillator Behavior
46. Combining Behaviors
47. Link Behavior
48. Basic Text Behaviors
49. Text Sequence Behaviors
50. Custom Text Behaviors
51. Basic Keyframing
52. The Keyframe Editor
53. Advanced Keyframing
54. Behaviors & Keyframes
55. Baking Behaviors
56. Creating Masks
57. Combining Masks
58. Freeform Masks
59. Shape to Mask
60. Creating Particles
61. Custom Particle Systems
62. Multi-Cell Particle Systems
63. Grouping Cells
64. Animating Particles
65. Advanced Particle Systems
66. Particle System Presets
67. Replicators Overview
68. Advanced Replicators
69. Replicator Presets
70. Keying & Green Screening
71. Motion Tracking
72. Audio Behaviors
73. Motion Project Properties
74. Export to Final Cut Pro
75. Save As Template
76. Round Trip to Final Cut Pro
77. Share