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4-Hours of Pro Tools Mastering Tutorial-Videos. Stream the HD version of this tutorial from: &

Produced by Multi-Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer Phil Magnotti, this tutorial shows you how a world-class Mastering Engineer creates BIG sound ...

Given the deep-insider Mastering concepts and secrets revealed in this title, this tutorial is suitable for people working with any DAW, from Pro Tools, to Logic, Live, and beyond.

"Pro Tools 401: Mastering in Pro Tools" begins with an actual mix. Phil begins the tutorial by cleaning-up a mix and preparing it for the mastering process. Along the way you'll learn valuable skills like how to prepare and bounce stem files, and even how to properly calibrate your monitors so you know you're hearing the sound the way you should be!

Next, Phil takes you through a few of the indispensable tools he uses in his Mastering workflow. From there you'll move on to explore Peak limiting, dithering and Noise Shaping in full detail.

You've heard that compression is the center-peice of all audio mastering, but you've probably spent a lot of time wondering why. Wonder no longer, because Phil next takes you on a tour de force through the process of properly compressing the dynamic range of your master. You'll learn how to use standard and multiband compression, how to us Mid/Side compression, and a few other valuable tips like using de-essers and Dynamic EQ.

Towards the end of the program, Phil gets into the nitty-gritty of using Filters and EQ, analyzing signal flow and plugin chains, simulating the analog sound of tape, and then burning your final master disc.

Table of Contents:

01. Introducing Phil Magnotti
02. Why Master?
03. Fix it in the Mix (If You Can)
04. Cleaning up the Mix
05. Preparing the Bounce and Stem Files
06. Bounce to Disk
07. Bounce to Disk Settings Explained
08. Starting a PT Mastering Session
09. Routing the Tracks
10. Testing the Track Routing
11. Calibrating Your Monitors
12. Calibrating the Balance of Your Monitors
13. Import the Bounced Files into the Mastering Session
14. A Quick Look at the Files
15. EQ Overview
16. 7-Band Parametric EQ Part 1
17. 7-Band Parametric EQ Part 2
18. The JOEMEEK VC5 Program Equalizer
19. The Pultec Program Equalizer
20. Mid/Side or Mono/Stereo Equalizers
21. Compression Overview
22. A Look at some Compressors
23. Peak Limiting Overview
24. A Look at some Peak Limiters
25. Signal Flow and Peak Limiting
26. Limiting with Dithering and Noise Shaping
27. Multiband Compression Overview
28. A Look at a Multiband Compressor
29. Using a Multiband Compressor
30. Multiband Compressor Techniques
31. Working with Linked Bands
32. Multiband Expansion Overview
33. Upward and Downward Expansion
34. A Look at Mastering Presets
35. Mid/Side Compression Overview
36. Mid/Side Compression
37. Mid/Side De-esser
38. Mid/Side Dynamic EQ
39. The Order of Mastering Plugins
40. Hardware Inserts
41. High Pass Filter Techniques
42. A Note about Assessing Projects
43. Mid/Side EQ Techniques
44. Mid Range is Key
45. Low Mid Notching
46. Automating the Mastering Plugins
47. Using a Low Mid Dynamic Equalizer
48. Full Band Compression
49. Simulating Analog Tape Part 1
50. Simulating Analog Tape Part 2
51. Setting Up the Peak Limiter
52. Comparisons to a CD Track
53. Analyzing Clipping
54. Comparing the Mastered Waveforms
55. Final Master of Song 1
56. Final Master of Song 2
57. Matching Songs from Different Studios
58. Final Export before Sequencing
59. Import of FIles into Jam
60. Sequencing the Songs
61. Song Spacing
62. Working with Crossfades
63. ISRC Overview
64. Final Level, CD Text, and PQ Codes
65. Burning the Disc


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Review by l.diaz music

Amazing advice! - This is worth a whole lot more than its price! To have an engineer/producer of this caliber sharing the mastering concepts on this video is a blessing. I have truly enjoyed every second in this tutorial. Very clear and well organized indeed ...and practical needless to say. I have already applied some of the concepts learned and I'm surprised to see some serious great results. Great job! Hats off to Mr. Magnotti and for putting this together!!! God Bless!

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Version 1.0
Review by fake shoe llc

more like 101 - this is for the really begining beginner .. very basic stuff, nothing new not worth the $20

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