Course For Logic ES2

Developer: Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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The ES2 is an essential tool in any Logic editor's audio quiver - this tutorial exposes the ES2's deepest secrets.

Steve H. and his trusty assistant Igor are at it again ... creating incredible tutorials, that is! This tutorial is as entertaining as it is educational. By mixing clever audio comedy with facts about synthesis and tone creation, Steve has made what is possibly the best Logic tutorial ever! You might think that's a big statement, but watch this tutorial and you'll understand what I mean ...

This tutorial is as much a lesson in the theory of synthesis as it is an deep exploration of the ES2. Drawing on years of sound design experience, Steve shows you what subtractive , FM, and Pulse Width synthesis really is. As an incredible bonus, steve demonstrates how these waves actually look using a digital oscilloscope, so you can see and hear the differences between these popular forms of synthesis.

Mixed into the tutorial are several bonus sound design workshops which show you how to build common sounds, from the ground up using the ES2's oscillators, filters and other audio functions. The ES2 is an incredible sound design tool, and the included workshops will not only show you what's possible, but also provide ideas and inspiration for producing your own sounds.

But best of all, this tutorial contains a deep exploration of Vector synthesis. Vector synthesis is a method of automating sounds to change over time, and it's a hidden treasure in the ES2 that almost nobody uses. With Vector Synthesis, you can truly define your sounds by making interesting and musical timbres that nobody has herd before. Vector synthesis is a sound designer's dream, and Steve H. shows exactly how it works in this tutorial.

Table of Contents:

01. Suffering From Presetitus?
02. ES2 Geography Lesson
03. Audio Signal Flow
04. Exploring The Routers
05. Looking At Waves
06. Adding Oscillator 2 & 3
07. Using The Triangle
08. About Global Parameters
09. Legato Mode
10. CBD Mode
11. Using Tune & Bend
12. About FM Synthesis
13. Pulse Width Modulation
14. Digi Wave Modulation
15. Modulating Oscillator 2
16. Adding Oscillator 3
17. Sound Workshop 1
18. Filter Flow Part 1
19. Filter Flow Part 2
20. Filter Modes Part 1
21. Filter Modes Part 2
22. Sound Workshop 2
23. Using Filter Chains
24. Reseting Filters
25. The Big One!
26. Distortion WorkShop
27. Using The X-Y Pad
28. LFO Overview
29. Envelopes Overview
30. Envelope 3 Workshop
31. Side Chain Routing
32. Aboard The SS Vector
33. Vector Geography
34. Vector Targets
35. Vector Timeline
36. Sustain & Loop Modes
37. Vector Loop Modes
38. Vector Loop Count
39. Vector Envelopes Part 1
40. Vector Envelopes Part 2
41. Using Curves
42. Preserving The length
43. Adding Vector Points
44. Vector Context Menu
45. Vector Global Time
46. Vector Workshop
47. The Randomizer
48. Using Macro Mode