Course For Live 8 Remixing

Developer: Nonlinear Educating Inc.

Current Version: 2.1.0

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Imagine being right next to a master remixer while he shows you how he creates his killer tracks! No need to imagine. You’ll be right there in the producer's seat beside Olav Basoski as you watch this tutorial!

App Features:
• 197 minutes of video training
• Super clear explanations
• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
• Easy to navigate

Course Outline:
1. Introduction (04:14)
2. Remixparts (05:52)
3. Replaying Parts? (05:11)
4. Warping the vocal (06:22)
5. Building the Beat - Part 1 (05:38)
6. Building the Beat - Part 2 (05:58)
7. Fine-tuning Drumsounds (05:27)
8. Make it Groove! (06:32)
9. Slicing Loops (05:55)
10. Finishing Off the Beats (04:41)
11. Parallel Bus-compression (04:26)
12. Processing the Other Sounds (06:01)
13. Adding New Sounds and Parts (05:57)
14. Adding a Bass and Mixing It. (06:37)
15. Renaming for Convenience (03:52)
16. Building the Intro (09:57)
17. Adding Sounds to the Intro (07:24)
18. Making First Impact (06:56)
19. Fine-Tuning the First Impact (10:33)
20. The Pre-Break Phase (06:56)
21. Heading for the Break (07:23)
22. Entering the Break (08:38)
23. Impact During the Break (06:55)
24. Adding the Vocals (07:06)
25. Building up the Break - Part 1 (08:13)
26. Building up the Break - Part 2 (04:13)
27. Group-envelopes Gotcha! (08:49)
28. The Entire Break & More Impact (09:06)
29. Post-break & the Outtro (05:43)
30. Final Tweaks (06:26)


Release Notes:

The video player has been updated.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by JinLee

Awesome - Takes us into his mind on remixing. Learned some tricks and helped me understand how to mold my mind for remixing. I've always been trying to figure out how to go into it and this helped a lot. I love the "subtractive" track building from an 8 bar loop. I've seen many big producers do this from ill.gates, wyshmaster (producer of "I'm on a boat"), Mutrix and many more. Not only does this help you understand remixing but it also helps you understand how to produce a track from scratch. You take an 8 bar loop, duplicate it to the format or genre song structure and start removing parts. Awesome vid…I'd totally recommend on watching. This is not for the advanced producers this is more geared towards people trying to understand the idea of remixing and track building. This vid may say "remixing" but it shows you how to build a track from scratch to finish. Cons: He didn't go over structure or what kind of structure he was using. So for the begennier who is trying to understand, this could be confusing. Every song has some sort of structure to it. People say "oh you do need to follow ""form" music should just go together" or something similar (I hear it a lot)…but they don't realize that you can't build a house without a structure. When i mean structure I mean: Intro > A > B > A > B > C > B > outro in 4-8 bars or for EDM ex. Dubstep: Intro > Break/Build > A > B > A > Break/Build > A > B > A > outro in 16 bars each. That's what was missing from this video. I didn't rate 5 stars for that reason but vverall, definitely worth the money and to watch. The application needs to be worked on a bit. I would love to see some way of pressing esc to bring up the menu instead of closing out of what your watching. Also would be great to see what video you already watched or what video you were on and go back to it easily or pick up where you left off.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people