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Cubase is a grownup DAW that offers the musician and producer an awesome array of highly sophisticated tools: From really easy MIDI recording and editing to slick audio editing and Melodyne-like pitch shifting. Cubase does it all and Matthew explains everything perfectly in a very friendly manner... it’s like having a your very own Cubase expert sitting in the chair next to you.

In 7-Hours and 130 separate videos, this tutorial App takes you through everything you need to know to confidently make music with Cubase!

Table of Contents:

1.Introducing Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
2.Intro to the Course
3.Installation and the Dongle
4.Putting Cubase in the Dock
5.Launching Cubase for the First Time
6.Assigning Your Audio Interface
7.Assigning your MIDI Interface
8.Starting your first Cubase Project Properly
9.Why Use Proper Project Management
10.Project Setup Settings
11.Configuring the Project window
12.The 3 Project Window Columns
13.Explanation of the Transport Panel
14.Theory of Tracks
15.The 3 Most Common Track Types
16.Recording Your First Instrument Track
17.Recording Your Second Instrument Track
18.Recording Your First Audio Track
19.Recording Your Second Audio Track
20.MIDI Tracks vs. Instrument Tracks
21.Transport Controls and the Numeric Keypad
22.The Left and Right Locators
23.Undo, Redo, and History
24.Using Control-Click vs Right Click
25.Using the Metronome (CLICK)
26.Setup the Auto Save
27.A Note about Monitoring
28.Using the Help Documents
29.The Cubase Tools
30.Snap ON OFF
31.Zooming IN OUT UP DOWN
33.What is the Cubase Mixer
34.Getting to the Mixer
35.Function Button Snafus
36.The Simple Mixer
37.The Master Fader
38.The Extended Mixer
39.The Mixer and Project Window Relationship
40.Hide Show Track Types
41.Individual Track Parameter Views
42.Achieving a Mouseless Recording Workflow
43.The Event Info Line and Overview
44.Track Control Settings
45.Customizing the Metronome
46.Cycle Recording
47.Dealing with Event Overlaps
48.Project Tempo and Tempo Track
49.Project Time Signature and Signature Track
50.Project Markers and Marker Track
51.Using the Arranger Track
52.Using the P and Shift G Commands
53.Select All vs Select All Events
54.Recording an Instrument Track
55.Cycle Recording
56.Overlapping MIDI Events
57.Over Quantize
58.Copying MIDI Events, Option Drag & Repeats
59.Transposing Events
60.Changing Event Colors
61.Turn Off Your Speakers and Use Headphones
62.Start Recording on Measure 2 Not Measure 1
63.Recording Audio
64.Cycle Recording with Audio
65.Overlapping Audio Events
66.Stacked 2 Record Mode
67.Using Alternating Tracks
68.Punch IN Punch OUT recording
69.The Key Editor
70.The Controller Lane
71.The Drum Editor
72.The Score Editor Briefly
73.Using the In-Place Editor
74.Using the Dissolve Part Command
75.Creating MIDI Notes without a MIDI Keyboard
76.The Undo Quantize Command
77.Using Iterative Quantize
78.Using Part to Groove
79.Freezing Instrument Tracks
80.The Concept of Non-Destructive Editing
81.When and How to Use Crossfades
82.Slide Editing
83.Using the Fade Handles
84.Don’t Use Normalize
85.Vari-Audio Editing
86.Extracting MIDI from Audio Tracks
87.Vari-Audio on a Stacked Track
88.Editing the Tempo Track
89.Editing the Signature Track
90.Editing the Arranger Track
91.Making and Using Folder Tracks
92.Setting up Multi-Track Multi-Input Projects
93.Importing Audio CDs
94.Creating Your own Key Commands
95.Using the Event Zoom Controller
96.The Concept of The Pool
97.Using Insert into Project
98.Find Resolve Missing Audio Files
99.Minimizing Files
100.Emptying the Trash
And 30 more ...


Release Notes:

Stability Improvements
Fixed issue that caused crashes on certain computer configurations.


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