Developer: Bogdan Daniel Vladu

Current Version: 1.160

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 2.9 MB - Download


What is CoronaComplete?
Visual debugger, code editor and project manager for Corona SDK. It offers features like: Smart Auto Complete, variable memory dumping, console output, file management, errors management, breakpoints management and many more.

Visit to download a trial version and see full features tour videos.

Professional Code Editor
Autocomplete, word wrap, syntax highlight, page guide, background and text color, matching braces, auto indent and more.

Smart Auto Complete
Predicts and completes the functions and variables as they are typed.

Smart Arguments
Auto complete functions with mandatory and optional arguments.

Help Navigator
Description about the common Lua and Corona SDK functions.

Visual Debugger
Place breakpoints and see your app execution flow.

Variable Printing
View variables content in memory while debugging by just clicking on it in the code file.

Console Output
View and search through the logs inside the app.
Clear logs when no longer useful.

Error Visualizer
With the build-in error editor, navigate to the file and line that has a problem with just a click.

Project Manager
Create, delete, rename files and folders from the navigator.

Create new projects with the help of templates.

Assets Visualizer
Preview all assets from the project navigator. Build in support for zoom in and out.


Release Notes:


- Added movie recorder capabilities. Now you can record your game in order to post it on youtube and promote it.
- Now you can watch more variables. List is not empty when you double click on a new variable.
- Now CoronaComplete is aware of external file changes
- Removed a couple of autocomplete functions which were not used by Corona SDK and were causing frustration like "dofile"
- Added shortcuts for Continue, Step Into, Step Over (hover mouse over those buttons to see them)
- Added drag and drop support - now you can organize your project form inside CoronaComplete
- New project can be opened in new window. You can disable and enable this behavior from the Preferences.
- Moved Errors view to the bottom, near the console, in order to view the entire error text.
- Added split view support. Activate it and always have 2 files open at the same time, active file and previously active file. Support for both horizontal and vertical split.
- Now trial users don't have to press on "Start Trial" button every time they Run the project. Activate this option from "Preference".
- Added "Open Project" button in the toolbar

Fixed an issue where the window would not because visible after opening a new project.
Fixed bug where files were recreated after they were deleted
Fixed some view placement that did not look right on Snow Leopard
Fixed bug where breakpoints will cause line number to go out of sync.
Fixed a bug that happend only on certain systems where when opening another project CoronaComplete would crash.
Fixed bug where file where saved without asking when the setting for this was enabled
Fixed a typo in a dialogue text
Various bug fixes and optimizations.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.01
Review by Nick in Austin

Really Great Developer - I own all the software this developer is selling on the appstore, and he is absolutely first rate. I purchased one of his products while it was still very much in its infancy, and not yet on the appstore. He is not only VERY responsive to his customers, but also bases a lot of his feature enhancements on community requests/feedback. In fact, I am so happy with the products, and the service of his other products, I purchased this one even though there was NO feedback yet about it. I knew that if he made it, it would be worth it. I then played with it a bit, and watched his tutorial videos. As expected, I was not disappointed. This is probably the best IDE for CoronaSDK out there right now, in my opinion. There is a competing product that just came out in the Corona forums… Cider, that is based on the NetBeans IDE, and requires you to include a custom library of theirs in your project in order to make use of debugging ( it essentially acts as a socket between Corona and their tweaked NetBeans IDE. This is NOT necessary with CoronaComplete. You don't have to do anything extra for it to work… it just does. The debugging features allow you to simply double-click on a variable in your source code while debugging, to get at the values. If the var you click on is a table, it allows you to drill down on it. The Error catching feature gives you a list of what/where the errors are, and allow you to simply click on the list, and it takes you to the problem. Nice. The auto-complete also gives you a very nice "help" feature that will automatically fill in the required params ( and color code them between required and optional), AND, it also opens some documentation on the particular function you're using. As far as comparing the two, CoronaComplete is much more polished, and feature complete. What I really like also, is that it's its own die, it's not an addition to Eclipse, or NetBeans, and it doesn't require you to add any additional libraries, etc. for it to work. Also, from my history, and experience with this developer, I confidently expect that he will add new features, and tweaks to this as time progresses, only making it better and better. (In fairness to the Cider folks, they appear to be very responsive to their community also, so I'm not knocking them). I am very happy with this IDE. And, I mean what I say, as he releases further products, I'll be buying them to support his efforts. He makes really great software.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.160
Review by HolyKim

Great, but I need more shortcut for many things - Great work! Greate IDE for Corona SDK. I use SubEthaEdit and Espresso before then I moved to CoronaComplete completely. However there is some missing function for me. I need more shortcut for many things. Especially TEXT > Shift-Left(exist but not usual) or Shift-Right is urgent. I think that Shift-Right and Shift-Left match Command+[(left bracket) and Command+](right bracket) respectively. Upgrade plz.... I will give more star ;-)

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Version 1.160
Review by comp850

Recommended for your Corona SDK tool belt... - Totally love the variable dump and breakpoints. The autocomplete is really nice, along with the reference lookup.

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Version 1.160
Review by Gughunter

Fine IDE for Corona on Mac - I'm currently using two Corona IDE's: CoronaComplete and Glider. Each has its own merits and both products are well supported by the developers. CoronaComplete's main strengths, for me, are that it has a slightly more Mac-like "look and feel", and the autocompletion is (at present) smoother and less obtrusive. There is a trial version available at the CC website -- it's worth checking out.

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