Developer: ITnovis

Current Version: 1.1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The "More than a cookery book" cookery book is now also available for the Mac.

Manage your own Recipes with Cookiza! for OSX...

Cookiza for OS X is not only a recipe collection incl. community, no it also manages your own recipe collection.

In addition, Cookiza! is also a shopping list, menu planner and cooking community, to mention just a few.

AS TASTY AS EVER - some Cookiza! functions:

- compiles and manages your own recipes
- neatly arranged and attractive recipe overviews
- more than 10 categories
- neatly arranged ingredient lists
- menu planner - gives weekly and daily plans in daily schedules
- divides recipes via Twitter, Facebook, email
- shopping lists
- easy portion calculation
- search and filter functions
- new community recipes by way of integrated update function
- publish recipes (public or private) making them retrievable at any point in time or directly via Cookiza! iPhone or iPad App
- recipe importation (YummySoup 2.0, Mac Gourmet 3, CSV, Web, RecipeCast) (more follow)

Wishes and feedback please to [email protected]


Release Notes:

- Create Bugfix


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.1
Review by Mexican food lover

Wish I Had My Money Back - This app needed a lot more simmering before it was served. 1- The window only has two sizes. It can not be adjusted by the user. If you want to copy a recipe from your browser or hand enter a PDF recipe you downloaded, you can NOT set the windows side-by-side. 2- No HELP or How To resources! If you select “support”, it sends you to the Facebook page. There was no FAQ or general guide. If you check the Wall the information is in German. 3- Categories? The categories are not terms I see in a lot of cookbooks and they can not be edited. I don’t know many home cooks in the US who search for “main course” or “sides”. They are usually looking for “pasta”, “vegetables”, or “slow cooker” recipes. If the user could add categories and/or create sub categories, this app would be more functional. 4- Lack of spell check is also annoying. What program today doesn’t include spell check? I know I am the queen of the typo so I really appreciate spell check. No way would I publish without being able to spell check. 5- I had trouble logging in. I went to settings and created an account. Tried to log in and app could not find my e-mail and password which I just created. So I asked to send a new password and logged in. Of course there is no option to change the password they sent. 6- From the Web site, it appeared from the graphics that the App for the Mac would also sync with my iphone. Unfortunately there was no documentation of any kind about how Cookiza worked between the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This is still a mystery. The Good Points: 1- Nice photos and great looking Web page 2- Liked the grocery list feature once I figured out how it worked.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1.2
Review by phendee

No Tech Support - Apparently this developer is located over seas and has place this App in the App Store charging around $9.00 with NO Tech Support. The in-App link to tech support brings you to their Facebook page. I will assume they want you to “Message” your issue. So, I Message them my issue of not being able to Register on their server. Being as how they are overseas, I wait about a week with no response. This morning, I Message again. Who knows? The App does allow you to type in your own recipes using a fairly easy GUI. However, I am un able to get the “categories to function. I type in a desert recipe and in the new recipe GUI i select from a pull down window “Desert” But, after saving the recipe, no desert(s) appear in the main window “Deserts” Category. This is one App that will need a little smoothing out. I hope my purchase money will go towards that.

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people