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**Note: ContactPage is not compatible with Apple Pages 5.x.

ContactPage is the easiest way to create professional-looking contact sheets of images with captions. Use ContactPage to create picture catalogs, proof sheets, photo books, or anytime you need to quickly browse or print pictures with full descriptive captions.

Simply drag folders of pictures to the interactive picture list, customize the document dimensions and margins, adjust the layout grid settings, and choose the caption labels to describe each picture.

ContactPage can then build a PDF, Slideshow, or Page Layout document – using Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress – with all the necessary pages, backgrounds, images and captions customized to your liking.

With ContactPage you can :

- Export the contact sheet as: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Slideshow, InDesign* document or QuarkXPress* document.
- Drop images or folders full of images to the picture list, optionally including subfolders.
- Sort the picture list by file name, type, modified date, or other file attributes, or by folder attributes.
- Select document size, margins, facing pages, backgrounds, blank pages, and bleed.
- Customize the picture box shape, dimensions, fill color, angle, opacity, drop shadow, stroke color and weight.
- Compose captions using token labels, custom text and special characters.
- Place captions below, centered or above picture box, choosing several text attributes such as font and justification.

In addition, ContactPage brings you:

- Real-time preview of every page with images, captions, backgrounds, guides, and precise layout.
- Customizable headers and footers for each page.
- Scaling and centering of images to fit or fill the picture box proportionally.
- Presets to save commonly used settings with options for loading and saving them to disk.
- Automatic creation of character and paragraph styles for editable documents.
- Detailed output log to keep track of any issues while creating the contact sheet.


- Mac OS X 10.6 or later
- To export as InDesign documents: Adobe InDesign CS4 - CC 2014
- To export as QuarkXPress documents: QuarkXPress 8, 9 or 10
- To export as Pages documents: Apple Pages 4.1 (NOT compatible with Pages 5.x)

*ContactPage supports Adobe InDesign CS4 or later; QuarkXPress 8 or later; iWork Pages 4.1 (not 5.x). The respective application is required to export to any of these formats.


Release Notes:

- Headers and Footers: Specify box height, text settings (font, color, etc), and variable tokens: page number, date, folder or volume.
- Folder and Files View: You can now organize, display and sort the picture list by folders.
- Ability to start a new row or page every time a new folder is encountered.
- Added "Creation Date" to sort picture list.
- Sort folders by folder tree, name, modified date, creation date or folder level.
- Specify resolution for PDF files.
- Create one multi-page PDF file or one PDF file for each page.
- Export the contact sheet as JPG, TIFF, or PNG, one file for each page. Specify resolution, quality, compression and color mode.
- Rotate images and captions to any angle.
- "Randomize" function allows you to rotate images at random.
- Drop shadows for containers. Specify angle, offset, color, blur and shadow opacity.
- Picture container opacity and picture opacity controls.
- Faster preview rendering.
- Ability to display in the preview any selected picture.
- Option to turn on and off icon previews in the file list.
- Added "Date Created" as a caption token.
- Redesigned user interface and navigation.
- Compatibility with Adobe InDesign CC and QuarkXPress 10.


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