Contact Clearout

Developer: GrandeAmericano

Current Version: 1.24

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 1.6 MB - Download


You use your contacts list almost every day. Your business may depend on it. But with use, it will get untidy and filled with old, inaccurate or duplicate contacts.

Contact Clearout works across multiple accounts to take control, safely remove duplicates and clean up data issues.

But Contact Clearout goes further, it will use heuristics to root out contacts the hidden possible matches. It will show you both, side by side, so you can auto merge or use drag and drop to combine them in a complete and seamless workflow.

Your contact information is important to you. Clearout makes sure you know what is thrown away. You can review duplicates before they are discarded. This can also be crucial for diagnosing recurring problems.

Archive copies of all deletions are kept to make sure you cannot lose information.

Graphical display of group membership lets you visualize how you are using groups.

• Auto-remove identical duplicates and redundant duplicates.
• Find duplicates when names are incomplete or in the wrong place.
• Find possible match duplicate that you may be able to combine.
• Drag names, phone numbers and any other information between cards.
• Edit text and change incorrect labels, or formatting at any time.
• One click to change group membership of contact or multiple contacts.
• Multilevel undo in case your fingers slip.
• Fix many issues in cards (and more to come)
• Deleted contacts are archived and can be recovered by drag and drop in the Finder.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes