Developer: Apple

Current Version: 4.3.2

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Compressor integrates tightly with Final Cut Pro to add power and flexibility to your video conversions. A simple interface lets you quickly customize output settings, enhance images, and package your film for sale on the iTunes Store. For even faster conversions, easily set up distributed encoding using other Mac computers.

Advanced Encoding for Final Cut Pro 
• Use Compressor to customize encoding settings for Final Cut Pro
• Save your custom settings in Compressor and they automatically appear in Final Cut Pro
• Set up batch processes to streamline the encoding of large numbers of files 
• Build custom Destinations to combine encoding with additional tasks such as moving or copying files
• Create self-contained Droplets to encode on the desktop with drag-and-drop ease
• Share settings with other editors, even if Compressor isn't installed on their systems 

iTunes Store Package Creation
• Import and organize your movie, trailer, closed captions, and subtitles into an iTunes Store-compliant package for submission to an Apple-certified iTunes delivery partner
• Audition video with any audio, caption, or subtitle to verify sync
• Built-in error detection helps you identify issues with your iTunes Store Package and navigate directly to the source of the issue

Support for Industry Standards
• Encode to a broad range of industry standard formats including MPEG-4, H.264, MXF and ProRes
• Work with a choice of themed menus to encode and burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc
• Generate files for HTTP live streaming in a single step 
• Import Targa, DPX, TIFF, PSD, PNG or OpenEXR image sequences and encode them to any setting
• Tap into advanced encoding features for adding closed captioning, metadata, and more 

Pristine Format Conversions 
• Convert any file between formats — such as NTSC to PAL, SD to HD or progressive to interlaced video
• Import and manipulate wide color video, then deliver in standard Rec. 601 and Rec. 709 color spaces or in wide Rec. 2020 color space
• Use CABAC entropy multipass H.264 encoding for superior results with hardware-accelerated export on supported systems
• Clean up and customize your content using image filters, a timecode overlay, and watermarks
• Speed up video, slow it down, or adjust the frame rate to make the duration match a runtime 

Distributed Encoding 
• Save time by distributing encoding work among multiple workstations
• Install Compressor on any Mac to activate it as a node for distributed encoding 
• Speed up encoding in Final Cut Pro by choosing a group of shared computers for exporting

System Requirements: OS X 10.11.4 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K and 3D titles), OpenCL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K and 3D titles), 931MB of disk space. 

Some features require Internet access; fees may apply. Blu-ray recorder required for burning Blu-ray discs.


Release Notes:

• Command line options for monitoring job status
• Dithering option adds noise to images to minimize distracting patterns such as color banding
• Option when creating iTunes Store package to identify health warning text as required by Indian law
• Improves watermark image quality
• Support for animated PNG and animated GIF image sequences
• Timecode filter is accurately displayed against drop-frame media
• Fixes sync for audio transcoded to AC-3
• Resolves issues in which Share to DVD could become unresponsive
• Improves font quality of DVD menu and chapter titles
• Improves image quality when creating a DVD
• Enhanced DVD User dialog messages with embedded links to documentation

Introduced in Version 4.3
• Redesigned dark interface puts the focus on your video, with a streamlined presentation of batches and settings
• Detailed video and audio file information is now displayed in the Inspector
• Deliver video in standard Rec. 601 and Rec. 709 color spaces, or in wide Rec. 2020 color space
• Support for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro lets you perform common functions like adding and editing markers
• Timeline overview in the Touch Bar lets you view your batch at a glance and navigate with touch
• iTunes Store Package preview lets you audition alternative audio, closed captions, or subtitles to verify sync
• iTunes Store Package media pass-through lets you bypass unnecessary compression
• iTunes Store Package preview lets you seamlessly switch between audio streams during asset playback to speed up verification
• Batch warnings and failures are now reported with detailed, actionable notes
• Still image improvements include support for multiple color spaces and higher bit depths
• Support for DPX, Cineon, OpenEXR still images
• Support for OpenEXR image sequences
• Enhanced DPX support delivers more accurate interpretation of color information, pixel aspect ratio, interlacing, and timing
• Improved performance for image processing including frame rate conversions, interlacing, scaling, optical flow retiming, effects, and color space conversions
• Automatic selection of optimal bit depth allows for higher-quality transcoding, color processing, and effects
• Improved efficiency of CPU and GPU processing
• New DVD disc templates give you more menu and background options
• New options for DVD authoring let you loop playback, add motion menus, and customize menu images


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.2.2
Review by E. Parker

Top of the heap for me... - In my 20 years of pro film/video work few things have been more frustrating to master than video compression. Over the years I've used them all, Sorenson, Cleaner, Blaze, MPEG Streamclip, etc, etc. Compressor has slowly risen to the top of the heap for nearly all of my compression tasks. If you learn Compressor inside and out, use a little math in your planning, make use of advanced features, and employ the proper codecs, Compressor simply can't be beat. It doesn’t matter if I’m compressing a small lo-res file for online reviewing by clients, or doing my final output to send a national TV show to the network, Compressor is the champ in ever metric I’ve tested. In the end, Compressor creates better looking encodes, with smaller final file sizes, and does it faster than any other compression software. If it didn’t, I’d use one of the other dozen softwares I have access to.

Found helpful by 54 out of 58 people
Version 4.1.3
Review by TheMacDaddy

Major Step Backward - Compressor is now officially a consumer product. The interface is simpler…which means you have less power/control over how your video is being encoded. The interface is appropriate for consumer users, not professional producers. I like a nice interface, but not at the expense of usability and versatility. I have far fewer options over things like file extensions, and filters to use. And while they seem to have overhauled the app (for the worse), Compressor is not only STILL rather slow, I think it’s actually SLOWER than it used to be. As of right now I am officially done buying Apple software. The new compressor is a joke, I hate the new Motion, the new Garageband (which I used for simple podcasting) is also a step backward. As a whole Apple’s software gets less capable, more buggy and crash-prone, and overall is just more of a displeasure to use. That’s why I didn’t bother buying Logic Pro X (I use Adobe Audition). I no longer have any faith in Apple’s software

Found helpful by 61 out of 96 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.3.2
Review by vtrader

Hate this program - Save your 50 dollars. This has to be the worst Apple program out there. It is bugging and crashes. Does not start batch files. Does not work as advertised.

Found helpful by 9 out of 21 people
Version 4.3.2
Review by wbdpublic2

Decent but outside of Apple its limited - Despite having encoders for the VP9 format, it won’t do Http Live Streaming for Google - HLS works well, but is not supported on Chrome and producing MPEG-DASH from compressor does not exist so its a bit incomplete - no streaming for Chrome - so I have to use another tool anyway in which case the value prop here is lacking. Otherwise, I find it a handy swiss army knife type of tool - no specifc purpose in life, but I keep using it :-)

Found helpful by 7 out of 10 people
Version 4.3.2
Review by Christian-stone

Slow Progress and Not Exciting - I’ve used compressor for years and years now. Really wish it had a few features that pros actually use and need. Add LUTs to process dalies, ability to add multiple image sequences at once, ability to add a raw image sequence, add a basic LUT color change, and export to proxies and 422, ability to set a default frame rate instead trying to always render every single sequence into 29.97… a despite features, I feel like the encoding is just slower than most other apps out there. Take a look at Editready, and I’m hoping that Blackmagic will come out with their own version to crush all the others… they would do it!

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people
Version 4.3.2
Review by michaelo_video

Not sure what to think... - Converting files captured on Atomos at ProRes 422 10 Bit. The Atomos started changing frame rate intermittently during filming. I found that 1/2 of the footage was at 29.97 instead of 23.98, which is what our sound engineer was recording. I figured the easiest fix would be to compress the footage as our Camera B set-up and sound were at 23.98. Compressor worked for 2 batches only. It has been 10 days and now it crashes everytime. I have used the Option +Command+P+R to clear cache settings on opening. I have uninstalled, restarted, shutdown, re-installed Compressor and even went so far to clear socialagent in Options/Library/Actiivity as MAC has a tendency to push this to the top for CPU usage and can lag programs. I have checked the support pages and have now sent 15 reports after each shutdown / start-up and changes applied, to Apple after Force Quit. This is truly disappointing and very annoying. I have to agree with “What a Piece of Software”. Only allows for the .mov output and there is nothing on Google about version 4.3.2 Unfortunate that there is no refund on the product. I assume that Apple will write it off as a bad release or version of the software and then switch it out to something else for another $50. Or I can pay customer support to fix the issue with no real guarantees. It seems as though a number of folks are having the same issue on this product. Hopefully Apple will have a little more follow up in the future.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 4.3.2
Review by Worst App from GoPro Yet

What a piece of software….. - It won’t give me any options AT ALL to change the exported file extension. It only gives me the option of .mov and will not let me change it to anything else (target file format is .mp4) and it doesn’t matter what codec I use (whether I tried H.246 or MPEG-4 it still came out .mov). Great job Apple on making a half-assed piece of software…. starting to look more like Micorosoft more and more everyday. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE AND GOODLUCK GOOGLING ANYTHING. Most articles and videos on the web don’t mention the latest version of compressor (v4.3.2)

Found helpful by 11 out of 34 people