Developer: Houdah Software

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The purpose of "Command-F" is to set up hotkeys to launch your favorite file search tool. It supports the following utilities:

- Tembo
- HoudahSpot 3 (*)
- Find Any File
- EasyFind
- DataLore

(*) "Command-F" is not compatible with the newly released HoudahSpot 4.0

With "Command-F" you may set up two such hotkeys. The first is active only when the Finder is frontmost. The second is active across the whole system. For the Finder hotkey some search tools offer the option to focus the search on the current Finder window.

"Command-F" lives in the menu bar. From there you may access preferences to set up your hot keys. The "Command-F" menu also allows you to launch the various search tools installed on you Mac.