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ColorSwap is a very useful and interactive app to quickly replace a color in a photo or image with a new color using realistic rendering. The app is interactive and very fast.

This app is an essential tool for anyone in the field of Fashion, Accessory, Graphic or Product Design, Media, Advertising and Commercial Artists, or anyone who needs to frequently create color variations of an image or photo.

The new colour is rendered using the light / shadow effects of the original image.

The interface is simple and requires just a few minutes to get hands on. Necessary user instructions ("?" button ) are provided within.

An addictive app for any designer !

How does it work

Achieve realistic color replacement in just a few steps :

- Open a existing image from your drive.
- Zoom the image and scroll to the area of the image you wish to work on.
- Select a new color using the color dialog.
- Replace colors in the image with the new color using multiple mouse clicks.
- Adjust the brightness and tolerance to render the new color to your liking.
- Confirm the changes to the image.
- In addition you can mark a specific boundary to replace colors within.
- You can mark an exclusion area which will be skipped while replacing.
- You can undo or redo your last confirmed change or color replacement.
- Save or Print the image.
- In addition you have a cache of 4 images to save to during your work and compare at a glance.


Release Notes:

- New interface.
- New algorithm.
- Very fast rendering performance.
- Image cache for easy comparison.


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