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Choosing the exact shade of a color is very difficult to do using a color wheel or "rainbow" color square.

ColorShades is designed to help you choose colors by looking at grids of related colors. You set the center color of a grid using the intuitive Hue-Saturation-Brightness model. You then pick which two out of Hue, Saturation, and Brightness that you want to vary across the grid, set the step sizes and ColorShades fills in the grid.

You can drag a color chip from any of the color rectangles in the grid and drop it anywhere on any application or color well that accepts color drags. You can also drag a color chip into the center rectangle of the grid to reset the center color.

Pausing the mouse for a few seconds over one of the color chips brings up a tool tip that shows the color coordinates (in HSB, RGB and a hex string representation of the RGB values) of the color under the mouse.

Control-Clicking (Right Clicking) on a color chip loads the hex string corresponding to the chip’s color into the system clipboard. You can then paste the hex string into a web page builder or other app.

You can also add text representing the HSB or RGB color coordinates using the items under the Chip Appearance menu.

You can use ColorShades to get your desired colors on a printout. Using the on-screen controls, set the center colors to be as close as you can to your desired colors.Examine your printouts to find the exact shade that you want and then look up the corresponding color components on ColorShades (or read them right off the printout if you have the chip text turned on for the print). Finally, enter the color components in your graphics program or drag the corresponding chip from ColorShades to your graphics program.


Release Notes:

Rebuilt for OS X 10.10 and later


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Version 1.1
Review by Johnboy989

Best Color Picker Hands Down - I have used the Shades color picker that you can buy from their website for years and it is the best. The one on their website integrates with the Apple Color Picker and is indespensible in helping one create gradients or viewing different shades of a color. When I saw (today) that they have a Mac app I bought it. It does essentially the same thing as their orginal color picker. The only change that I would like to see the developers make is to allow each grid to expand to 9x9 instead of 5x5 and to change the image in about ColorShades to retina (minor) and then I would change my review to 5 stars. I have tested all similar apps and nothing compares to this one in being able to varying the brightness, hue, and saturation of a color. If you buy this app read the help file first and the app will make sense and you will find it indispensable..

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