Color Brain

Developer: BrainScan Software

Current Version: 1.1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 2.5 MB - Download


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Color Brain is a color set management utility for graphic designers, web developers and programmers, providing quick access to multiple sets of 10 saved colors and numerous ways to use, edit and manage them.

The primary HUD (Heads Up Display) interface, lets you manage multiple sets of 10 colors each, accessing the color picker, edit each color's Red Green and Blue component values, and edit one of a several available color representations, depending upon your needs. Colors can be copy and pasted, or dragged between the HUD display and other applications.

In the HUD display, you can edit the Red, Green and Blue values or one of several color representations useful to web designers and developers. Click the heading over the color representation field to switch between HTML, CSS RGB, HEX, UIColor, HSV, CMYK, YUV and 16-bit RGB representations. Click the paper clip icon next to the color representation to quickly and easily copy it to the clipboard to be pasted into another application.

Click any color well (colored box) to bring up the system Color Picker to edit the color visually.

Choose from the Color Set menu to switch to a different color set, or to create or manage color sets.

The Color Inspector window can be accessed by clicking the Color Brain icon in the HUD, choosing Color Inspector from Color Brain's Window menu, or entering Command-I. The Color Inspector shows icons for each color in the current set, and provides controls for entering component values for one selected color in numerous color spaces, including RGB-16 bit, RGB-8 bit, CMYK, HSV and YUV.


Release Notes:

Major new feature include:

• Manage multiple color sets
Keep multiple named sets of colors, with tools for duplicating, renaming, deleting and editing the color sets

• Copy to Clipboard buttons
Click the paper-clip button to copy the text from the adjacent color space field

• Color Inspector Window
Visualize and edit each color with multiple fields and sliders for each color space representation of the color simultaneously