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Classic Color Meter is a enhanced color meter replacement with added functionality: • Display modes     • RGB percentage     • RGB decimal     • RGB hexadecimal  &

Color Maker is the perfect app for graphic designers and developers! It allows you to create, pick* and save colors. ### Features ### • RGB, HSV, HEX color synthesizer • Copy to clipboard in different formats (#hex, hex, Object-c or Swift

DeltaMunki is a color comparison tool that calculates color difference values from X-Rite ColorMunki data. DeltaMunki allows you to use your ColorMunki for color comparisons in production and manufacturing scenarios, rivaling spectrophotometer solut

The Color App makes finding colors much easier. Instead of a tiny circle with all colors running together, The Color App creates some separation between colors, making it easier to select the perfect color. And The Color App provides a large grid of

Color Scheme makes finding the perfect colour palette easy and fast. By selecting a main colour, Color Scheme will automatically find matching colors based on common colour theories. #Features: - analogous color scheme - monochromatic color scheme

Color Picker is a tool that captures the color of any pixel in any screen area and displays its code in a variety of formats: HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV and HSL. Its main features: # Format Conversion -> Screen can pick any color pixel area, and trans

mColorConverter converts color values between Munsell and RGB spaces. - Color Conversion In the Munsell section, you can directly hand input a Munsell string, or utilize the hue, value, chroma sliders (and also steppers) to input or change a Munsel

Screen Ruler is the ultimate toolset for anyone that works with digital graphics, including: web designers, graphic artists, and programmers. This app features 4 powerful tools, including: box and line measurement tools for making pixel perfect meas

mColorMeter is a screen color picker which displays color values in MUNSELL, RGB, HEX, HSB(HSV), HSL, XYZ, xyY, Lab, LCHab, Luv, LCHuv and CMYK formats. Handy hot keys are provided to easily copy color values to clipboard. Special features: 1. To "S

Choosing the exact shade of a color is very difficult to do using a color wheel or "rainbow" color square. ColorShades is designed to help you choose colors by looking at grids of related colors. You set the center color of a grid using the intuiti

WOW! The 2.0 version is completely rewritten! Sometimes we need to catch the color of a pixel from screen. All is good, but it would be convenient to invoke Color Picker independently at any time. Here is the little app that will help you. Launch t

Ever forgotten what colors you've used on your website, presentation or logo? LiquidColor remembers your color palettes so you don't have to. FEATURES: - Create color profiles with unlimited saved colors - Set colors using RGB, HEX & CMYK or with th

How many times have you been doing HTML or CSS work and thought, "I wish I knew the exact CSS color values for that color right there?" Now you can use the MacOS color picker and its sampling magnifying glass to select any spot on your screen and kno

*** 33% off till August 31, 2011... Color2Code gives the user immediate access to information on the color you select. For any applications, it could just be the matter of creating a new document and then selecting a color to see its hexadecimal co

Paint a picture or draw on your photos with WowPaint's unique tools. The standard pen and eraser are complemented by a Soft Pen, a Glitter Pen, and a 3D Pen (in three variations) that produces stunning brush strokes reminiscent of pipes or cables. Yo

Colorblender is a tool for creating color palettes for web design and other types of digital design. The main feature of Colorblender is to have a complete palette of six matching colors created when choosing only one "base color". This helps you to

The Color Picker, Color Scheme, and Color Palette Tool on Steroids Tired of having to use three to seven different apps for your daily work with colors, palettes, swatches, schemes, and color codes; not to mention all the hassle to access them from

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Frank. Frank DeLoupe. Your new color-picking friend. With Frank you can pick any color, anywhere on your screen and then: • The USUAL: copy paste the value from the clipboard to your editor of choice • The CO

mColorBook is a digital munsell book of color. In the munsell color order system, colors are ordered based on three attributes: hue, value and chroma. All three attributes are intended to be perceptually uniform. With equal hue or equal value or equ

ColorPaj simplifies the tedious task of finding the best color palettes for your projects. By choosing the different color schemes, ColorPaj will automatically find the best matching colors for you to use based on some of the most common color theor