CoinNow-Realtime price of cryptocurrency

Developer: suhyun kim

Current Version: 1.4.3

Last Updated: 9 days ago

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Provide price of cryptocurrency(BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, ETC, XRP, BCH) in realtime.

This app currently provide pricing information through api of Poloniex, Bithumb, Coinone, OKCoin(CNY), Huobi(by and will be adding another exchange for next updates.
Actually, This app was developed for myself. So it is based on the developer's environment (?), So there may be some missing parts. If you send me your feedback, I will update it to make it a better app. Thank you ^ ____ ^

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This app is open source project. You can change this app to your own style.
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Release Notes:

Hello! 1.4.3 Update is steamed with!
I'm going to update again in one day because of XMR, and it is steamed! Hehe …

- XMR, QTUM (Only Coinone) has been added!
- Bitfinex has been added!
- Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements! I'm refactoring the program code nicely!(Press github star! Welcome PR! @DingdingKim)

As coins and exchanges increase, it's too narrow to fit in the popup.
How do you at a glance! Do not be mad! neatly! I'm worried about whether I can show you!

In the next major update, I will return to add function, not to add exchanges or coins!
An alarm at a fixed price or something visual so you can better understand the change in the price!
Actually, I do not make money with this app, but because I am so funny and need to make an app, it may be a little slower and you may not feel uncomfortable
You have a suggestion or something to say about Coinnow! Please send an e-mail to [email protected] I'll reply you ASAP :D hehe

Every time I leave work and start working until dawn, I'm almost out of my mind and I am writing down the update notes! Hehe
I hope Coinow will help you a little bit!
Obviously you do not have much to read this update note to the end, but ~
Please do a lot of Coinnow promotion ~ I love you users!