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Characters makes it easy for writers, designers and developers to access special characters. They are easily found and copied to your clipboard, either as the character itself or the html code. For example, if you need the copyright symbol, just ty

Are you an iOS or Mac app developer who builds apps using Core Data or SQLite and wants to look at the contents of your SQLite database on the physical device? DevBase is for you. It only takes 30 seconds to set up! Watch a screencast at the DevBase

SimpleEdit -Your first second text, code and markup editor. No, no ugly monsters here. SimpleEdit is an editor like no other. SimpleEdit is not one of those editors that haven't been updated in years. It is also not one of those this editors that

****Over 2,500 PHP Scripts****Save Tons of Time and Make Money **Over 2GB of PHP Script Content. No Need to Start From Scratch, Just Point, Click, Save and Edit. Add Your Own Info -This Application Contains Thousands of PHP Scripts on almost every

You need to grab a color from an image, make it a little bit darker, and get the new hex value. You don't want to have to open a design program just to do that. With Hues, you'll be done before Photoshop has finished opening. A fast, lightweight col

** OS X Maverick ready ** DevNotes is a project management tool built for solo developers and designers to increase productivity. Other todo list apps look nice and fun to use, only if I have time to sit down to enter items one by one. But for deve

Help us build a standard for writing clean Objective-C! Objective-Clean is a tool that helps you apply coding standards in Xcode so you can write clean Objective-C. By taking our survey at you can voice your opinion about the way codin

Colors makes picking a color from your screen an easy point and click process. With Colors running it is constantly tracking your mouse pointer and registers the pixel color that your mouse is currently over. If you like a color, just click and Colo

△ △ △ △ △ The X Helper △ △ △ △ △ ATTENTION: This application is intended for people who already have a bit of familiarity with the Objective C programming and the use of Xcode. If you alrea

Buckets is an S3 client that allows you to easily manage your files, folders and, of course, Buckets! No longer will you need to use the web interface or purchase an expensive 'do-everything' app with features you don't need. Buckets was made to be

CopyImage allows you to very quickly upload the current image in your clipboard to ImageShack, simply copy an image and choose to upload it as it is to ImageShack to to upload it as a JPEG to ImageShack. CopyImage also allows you to convert your ima

Sometimes, you just need a bitmapped font. Maybe you're a game programmer, and your graphics engine does not have the built-in capability to draw text. Maybe you’re working at a scale where importing a text-drawing library seems overkill. Maybe

PixFit – the ultimate measuring tool for web developers. PixFit is an easy-to-use utility for finding dimensions of objects on your screen. It was designed to be easy to use and extremely fast. It's waiting under your fingertips to do exa

With this application, you can pack small images into a big one. This tool wasn’t design to be a powerful one. It just pack images. Sometimes, We didn’t need a powerful tool.We just need to pack images. That’s why I made this appli

DESIGN AND BUILD AMAZING WEB FORMS WITH EASE (NOW WITH PAYMENT INTEGRATION!) Web forms are an essential part of the Internet. But if you want to build one from scratch, you need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, OMG, and databases galore. Web Form Builder let

iDig allows you to gain a huge amount of time if you're using SSH tunnels. It offers you the ability to create and tweak as many tunnels as you like, on any number of SSH servers. Also, a tunnel can be bound to any number of Bonjour (Zeroconf) pu

Corona Project Manager (CPM) is for anyone who develops iOS apps using Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK framework. It's a manager for all the projects and assets (source code files, graphics, audio files, etc.) that go into your app so you can quickly switc is a JavaScript, CSS and HTML compressor. Compressing your script files helps you to save your network traffic and users to connect to your site faster. Just drop your files/folders and click Start button. You can make several settings and

★ The easiest way to compress and/or obfuscate your CSS! :-) ★ ON DISCOUNT FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Want faster loading times for your website, with more compact files, a lot smaller in size? Maybe desire that your code is not 'readable'

Jenkins Notifier is the missing link that allows you to monitor your Jenkins CI Server job statuses from your Mac OS X machine. It runs discretely from the menu bar with at a glance job status display and click through straight to your Jenkins job.