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CodeFaucet is a tool that automates the creation of repetitive text blocks by taking source data from a CSV file, and populating a template (called a "model").

For example, with a CSV file that contains the following comma-separated text data:

Barracuda,He,domestic shorthair,black and white

(This CSV data is available here:

We can build a model to write out a few sentences about our cats. (Note that the first row of the CSV file contains our field names. This is important.) Our model, then, can look like this, using the field names from the first row:

My cat is named {cat_name}. {cat_pronoun} is a {cat_color} {cat_species}.

With our CSV file loaded, and our model entered in CodeFaucet, click the Generate button to read more about our wonderful cats:

My cat is named Barracuda. He is a black and white domestic shorthair.
My cat is named AT-AT. She is a brown Bengal.
My cat is named Cassie. She is a fat housecat.

CodeFaucet is great for taking your tabular data from Excel or Numbers, and creating XML, SQL statements, or HTML -- without fussy column editing in your text editor or complex regular expressions. Give it a try today!