CoachBase - Animated coach clipboard playbook

Developer: Coachbase Limited

Current Version: 2.4

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Coachbase is the most professional coaching tool for sports. We took our best selling coach clipboard app and rebuilt it from the ground up to produce the most professional coaching app on the market. We've combined all the sports into one ultimate app (over 20 sports available).

No more messy markers and messy diagrams. Use Coachbase to easily draw up plays for any sport. Instantly load from an unlimited number of saved plays from the sidelines.

Animation. Automatically animate your plays with our easy to use step by step animation system.

Crafted to perfection. Do you like working with beautiful tools? So do we. We crafted this app to make it a pleasure to work with since you'll be spending alot of time on it.

This app is a premium version of our coach clipboard series of apps. We took all the feedback from our previous app and ironed out all the small details our users have asked for and reinvented the user experience to make it a truly professional grade tool.

If you are serious about sports. This is the app for you.

- Animate plays and adjust play speed
- Add objects to plays: Cones and multiple balls.
- Change player icon and player text colour
- Substitution manager. Manage your roster and quickly make substitutions.
- Attach ball to player
- Change number of players
- Change court types. I.e. Basketball has different court types.
- Email plays as PDF
- Add referee
- New play. Easily reset plays to default state.

Over 20 sports supported:
- Basketball
- Soccer
- Volleyball
- Ice hockey
- Football
- Field hockey
- Badminton
- Tennis
- Floorball
- Handball
- Lacrosse men
- Lacrosse women
- Netball
- Rugby
- Baseball
- Cricket
- Ultimate
- Waterpolo

Email: [email protected]


Release Notes:

- Fixed a bunch of bugs


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by KC_Jim

Unusable - This application has tremendous potential but is currently useless. The biggest issue is that I can't save plays. There are myriad other intermittent but frequent issues, including: 1) Can't add pages; 2) Player size settings are not maintained across sessions; 3) Plays just disappear; 4) Sometimes there is only one team visible. Additionally, there is no way (for basketball) to place a player out of bounds to create inbound plays. There is no way to create folders to put plays into (not that it matters since plays don't save). Overall really disappointing, but with a ton of promise. I'll look forward to updates to the application and my review.

Found helpful by 73 out of 75 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4
Review by Slimshady 😐👊👊👊👊👊👊

How - How do you get a diffrent field or court

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people
Version 2.4
Review by Sweaterbug

Coach Base - It took a bit to figure out how to make this work. It does indicate that you can “edit” (as in undo a step you just made) but that’s not really true. However, until you save that move, it doesn’t matter. Just erase the lines with the clear line tool and fix it. What would be nice is to add a step or delete and redo a step in a middle of a play sequence. Finally, sync’d plays with the IPad app crash the iPad app. Plays created on the iPad work fine. Syncing is the glitch. I got around it by using quicktime to do a screen recordning and using iTunes to transfer the play to the iPad so I’d have it on the field with my kids—but I shouldn’t have to do that. I love the range of sports offered, but women’s lacrosse has 12 players and CoachBase puts in 11 to start. I’d like to have one ALWAYS be “G” for goalie. I’d like to changre the team colors. I’d be willing to pay $10 if this worked perfectly. Free is what’s in the way of perfection. Because I had time on my hands I did create three plays to show my youth team the basics of how to attack and defend. It will be very useful on the field

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people