CloudPlay - Music Player for YouTube & SoundCloud

Developer: Pilvy

Current Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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FREE MUSIC! Yes, play millions of songs and discover thousands of playlists with this lightweight music player that lives in your menu bar!

Type a couple of words and instantly see music from iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Xiami, and thousands of online radio stations. Do you keep MP3s in your Dropbox or Google Drive? Stream them with CloudPlay!

Open the playlists menu and explore curated playlists and popular tracks from, Jamendo, and other sites. Or login to your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts and enjoy your existing favorites, likes, and playlists. With CloudPlay, your music travels with you.

Due to technical restrictions, iTunes Match is not supported and any tracks that aren't local will be hidden.

To satisfy App Store requirements, if you want to use your keyboard's media keys with CloudPlay to control playback, you must also press Option-Shift (⇧⌥).

- Search for tracks in iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Xiami
- Search for playlists on YouTube, SoundCloud
- Play music in your Dropbox, Google Drive
- Create playlists that contain tracks from one or more sources
- Play your YouTube favorites and playlists
- Play SoundCloud likes and sets
- scrobbling
- Assignable hotkey to open player
- Share tracks via Twitter, Facebook, IM, and email (OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion only)
- Playback control with Apple Remote
- Optimized for Retina display


"CloudPlay makes it really simple to add lots of music from lots of different places to a single playlist. On top of that, you get videos, too, which was so cool, I had to turn CloudPlay off to get any work done." -- Mac.AppStorm (scored 9 out of 10)

"CloudPlay sits in the menu bar and plays while you work. It's simple, but works really well." -- Lifehacker

"I listen to music from a number of places while I’m working. It’s kind of a pain switching between [sources]. Until now. Meet CloudPlay." -- Cult of Mac


We love hearing from everyone! Please don't hesitate to contact us, we want to make sure you're happy :)

- Email: [email protected]
- Twitter: @CloudPlayFM
- Web:


Release Notes:

1.6.1 fixes a crash introduced in 1.6 that affects all users running in non-English locales.

We sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. Please accept this update.

- Fix a number of SoundCloud-related issues (Stream playlist, small number of unplayable tracks, and other bugs)
- Increase the number playlist items for Google Drive folders to 1,000
- Fix shortcut key on OS X 10.9 and higher
- Remove ConsoleFM, Exfm and sources
- Show track title and artist of current song from online radio streams when available
- Fix rare crash when searching music from iTunes
- Ensure "Search iTunes Store" menu item opens the correct search screen in iTunes
- Switch to AV Foundation media framework (sayonara QTKit!), which, among other things, fixes seeking and improves playback performance

As always, please get in touch via email - [email protected] - or on Twitter - @CloudPlayFM - if you have any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from our lovely users. Happy listening!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5
Review by mooncowtime

Great app so far! - Was playing a 2 hour set through soundcloud when i thought to myself “I wish i didn’t have to have this tab open the entire time i listened to this.” Looked at the app store and this is the first thing i found. Works great with allowing you to log into sound cloud and access your likes(Where most of my music is saved). Is very non invasive and very useful. Only thing that i might improve my use just a tad bit is a way to bring it up in a stand alone window. Just so i could search a little bit more comfortably, but that is a very small detail. Thanks for the great app guys!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.5
Review by jarodcore

Poop - This thing is nowhere near worth the $7.99. It doesn’t even work half the time. I click on a song and it will play another song. I try to play something on a playlist and it does nothing. It’s crap. Don’t waste your money. Just go to Github and download the Soundcleod app.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.1
Review by locomatica

Please add BOX! - Box is one of leading clouds, please add support for it! Thank you in advance.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people