Clipping Detector

Developer: Jin jing Wang

Current Version: 2011.12.10

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Clipping Detector is a simple tool that checks your media files for audio clipping.


* Report the clipping status of the current playing track from iTunes when the iTunes media library is at the default location, in particular, in Music/iTunes.

* Check selected media files for audio clipping, as easy as drag and drop.


* It only works on DRM free media.
* It only checks media for clipping and report the number of clips to you, so you can be aware of the issue.
* It does not fix the clipping problem.
* It only works on files, you can drag multiple files onto the icon at once.
* It does not work on iTunes library meta file or media folders.
* More info about clipping, dynamic range compression and the loudness war:


Release Notes:

* Use Application Sandboxing for improved security


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2010.12.29
Review by caelum

Err - It does not allow you to run on a folder/directory. You must run it file by file. COnsidering I Have 70,000 songs and it seams to be analizing it in real time, should take 229 days if you allowed a directory, could take up to 3 years for me to do manually. How to make better: Incorporate with itunes to adjust audio playback as to not clip the audio signal coming out of the computer. Allow a batch process, or background processsing, such as how genius works. ALso, what does the app do? Does it analyze the file and give you a report if any clipping was found? I would be more impressed if this was more of an itunes limiter than a reporter.

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Version 2011.12.10
Review by appwatching

No funciona - He tenido que reinstalar la versión anterior que tenía (v1.4) porque esta versión (v.1.6) no me funciona. Snow Leopard v10.6.8

Found helpful by 0 out of 5 people