Developer: PeacockMedia

Current Version: 3.4

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1.7 MB - Download


There are snippets of text that you have to type regularly; your address or phone number, directions to your premises, answers to those frequently-asked questions...

Do you type them every time? Do you search for a document or old email and copy and paste from there?

ClipAssist is not a clipboard history app, it will sit in the background and give you quick access to those frequently-used clips via your F-keys in unstyled text so that you can paste anywhere with the minimum fuss.

The new search feature allows ClipAssist to be easily used as a 'knowledge base' or FAQs app.

Tips: Add ClipAssist to your login items so that the F-keys are assigned every time you log in. ClipAssist also allows you to set up an F-key to call the application to the front.


Release Notes:

New Features:
- Adds 'Full question' field (pull-down from the top of the main pane)
- Adds 'Export to HTML' - just one folder or all questions. Creates dynamic HTML (expand / collapse)
- Fixes problem when nothing or just a folder is selected in the sidebar and user fills in some information (without creating a new item with [+]) and presses save. Refused to save because no new item had been created. Now creates the new item and saves it as the user would expect.